Did you know garter stitch spirals?

I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for simple projects using yarn scraps that I could sell in my online store. I finally hit on tiebacks and tassels plus flowers and other accessory items. While knitting a narrow band for a tieback, I discovered that it was spiraling as I knit and turned out to be a wonderful surprise. Check it out:

I can’t wait to knit up a whole bunch of these and turn them into clusters and see how they look. Wouldn’t this make a great Christmas tree garland done in something metallic? Imagine icicle ornaments, too. I love it when the ideas start flowing.:happydance:

Yep, if you just have a few sts across, it will curl around like that. A neat effect to go for, can be disappointing if you’re not.

On my next try, I cast on 5 stitches. Slipped the first, then k,p,k (seed stitch) and knit the last stitch. The extra stitch on each end made a nice edge when slipped and the seed stitch in the middle gave it a little personality. It lays nice and flat and looks great.

Cool. It’s fun to play with knitting and see what you come up with.

Yup. Playing with yarn is my favorite thing. Here’s a shot of the revised “ribbon.” This one would roll a little, too, but pressing would fix it. The garter stitch one would never lay flat, but I love the spiral just as it is.