Did you ever knit a pot handle?

Someone named “Cabled Sheep” on Ravelry is demonstrating how to felt a knitted pot (or pan) handle.

You can see it here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/CabledSheep/felted-pan-handle-cozy

I’m knitting one now, will show you later - looks like so much fun! anyone ever done one of these?

I’ve not knit one or felted one, but I’ve crocheted them for all of my cast iron pans. I love them, they are amazingly convenient and a wonderful splash of color in this dark outdated kitchen I’m currently stuck with.

ETA: I can’t wait to see your finished project.

OK, I knitted a second one, using an all-wool yarn, handspun by a friend who sent it to me last year. I just felted it, and it’s still wet. I rolled the end around a pen to dry like that. I wonder how long it will take to dry? It’s pretty hot here today, around 30C, so it might be quick. More pics later. oh darn, I just realized by studying her Ravelry post closer that she did some I-cord at the very end, to make it extra pointy. I didn’t do that. oh well, next time…

and here it is next morn, more dry, but not completely. Cute, but can stand some improvement in how I decreased. Ongoing…

At first I thought it was a sweater for a snake. I like it and will have to knit some for DSHMBO&A

Really was fun to make, and done in no time at all…a great idea for little gifts to have on hand, can be made in all sorts of colors, maybe stripes would be cute. Have fun with it!

I still need to learn how to do an I-cord at the end of that point part.