Did you ever just need to have a good cry?

I think I just [B]need to[/B] get in the shower, run some nice hot water and [B]have a good cry[/B]! The least little thing will set me off, and I get all teary, and I have to fight it back because I’m not where I can just let go. The last two mornings on the way to work, I’ve had to choke it back, and I think right now, I could really get into a bad ugly-cry if I had half a chance. I think if I can go ahead and indulge it, I’ll feel better. Just wondered if everyone else feels this way every now and then?


About nine months after my dad died, I was having a very difficult time. I took his death very hard because we were apart for many, many years due to my parents being divorced when I was young. My mom had pretty much brainwashed me into thinking he had been an ogre, but we had reconciled after I had my son. We had about five years to get to know one another again…long-distance…

One day I went through my closet looking for something and came across my baby album. I sat and cried and cried as I turned those pages. Kids weren’t home (I was a SAHM), and so I had the whole day.

I felt so much better afterward. This was the turning point for me in my grieving process.

So, go ahead and pick a part of the day to try to figure out what’s going on inside your head. You’ll feel like a weight’s been lifted.

:hug: yep. go ahead and let it out. :hug:

All the time. Sometimes everything just gets to be too much. Crying is like purging. Having a good cry almost always makes me feel better. It doesn’t solve the issues, but it does make you feel better.


Thanks guys!! Poor hubby! He thinks there has to be a reason!! Bless his heart - he always wants to do whatever he can to make it stop. That’s why I have to resort to the shower cry…so it can be a good long one…something about washing all the tears down the drain, I guess…


AuburnChick: :hug:

I was close to both my parents and had lost them both by the time I turned 38. I so totally felt like an orphan.


You are so right about not solving anything, but there’s something to be said about the purge!!

I agree!! Let those tears flow honey. I don’t cry as often as I should cause I get horrible headaches/migraines when I do that…kinda sucks, but sometimes I just have to cry and deal with the pain later.

I’m sorry you’re sad. I hope you feel better soon. :hug:

I think everyone feels that way sometimes. life just builds up and even if there isn’t a “good” reason right that minute, a good cry can work wonders. you are definitely not alone. hang in there…

Hey everyone! Pity Party at my place - admission charge: Chocolate!! :lol:

I would say more about how nice you all are, but the waterworks are threatening to start!!!

I do it all the time. I let things build up and build up until I just, well, lose it. I cry and feel sorry for myself and sulk. But in the morning I’m so much better. I call it crash and rebuild. Weird I know :eyes:

Reminds me of the time I sat down before work (loathed the job and the boss) to eat some cereal my husband had prepared for me. I had a complete mental meltdown and started sobbing uncontrollably. Poor thing had no idea what happened and kept saying “I’ll make ya’ something else”. I couldn’t speak so he just thought I was upset over the cereal. :roflhard:
I have a tendency to stuff alot of stuff down and just keep going and ignoring it. I’m no stranger to the crying outburst at totally the inappropriate time. I lost it one time at a store during Christmas shopping. I wish I had learned to deal with stuff as it happens but unfortunately I never did.

The shower is the very best place to let it go. I have done that all my life. The hot water is soothing and no one can hear. If you get out of a hot shower with a red face noone asks why!! Hope you feel better.

Awww Stitchwitch! I can so identify!! Thanks for the laugh, though! That was cute :slight_smile:

So True!!!

I have been that way ever since Daniel died. Sept 26 will be 2 years and talking or thinking about him makes me tear up. If I don’t stop immediately I can’t dam it back up.

Its been worse this summer since my mom got sick and I don’t have privacy-even in the bathroom since mom is on heavy diuretics. I usually go for a drive and just cry in the car. I totally understand what you mean.

I say let it out and then dry your eyes on a dove bar wrapper.

You just cry as much as you need to, sweetie! Sometimes, all it takes for me, is to watch a really good episode of Extreme Home Makeover. The episode of Wisconsin had me bawling my eyes out. :waah:

Then, when I think that enough’s enough … I think about SpongeBob Squarepants.:clink:

:hug: to you! And I like the dove bar wrapper idea :slight_smile:

Spongebob! :lol:

I am pretty sure that is normal for girls in general. That’s why we have movies like “Beaches.” We may loathe the movie and make fun of it in general but it is a good movie for those days we need to cry.

One day I was at a video store and picking movies to buy. I walked up to the counter and then realized the selection I had chosen… “Revenge” with Kevin Costner (if you haven’t seen it it is a good cry movie), “Dying Young,” and “Beaches.” I laughed as I looked at the selection and realized that it must be a day when I needed a good cry.

My favorite part of the girly need to cry for no apparent reason? It REALLY messes with men because they can’t figure out WHY…lol. (yes that is mean of me because they can’t help wanting to try to fix things. :teehee:)

I’m a regular waterworks over here! The kids make fun of me all the time. I’ll be watching a movie, crying, minding my own business and one of them will yell, “Mom? Are you crying again?!”

DH came home today after being gone for almost a month and I keep bawling. He keeps asking what’s wrong and if it’s because he’s home and he could leave if it upset me that much… my answer?? “I’m not crying because you’re home, I’m crying because you’re home!!” I think he finally figured out what I meant.