Did you ever finish an object but have no picture of it?

I’m so bummed.

I finished the shawl in time for Christmas for my SIL who has breast cancer, but my DH has lost the USB cable for my camera so I couldn’t get a picture of it. :frowning: She didn’t come up, but her DH was here and I needed to give the shawl to him so he could give it to her when he got home.

(It’s currently full of DS’ birthday pics which I need to upload to the computer before I can take any more pics)

It was FAR from perfect, but it’s my biggest project so far and I was happy to at least have it done…

Anyone else in this boat? I guess this is the official “FO but no pic support thread”.

Get a card reader. Seriously…they are so much better than the cable that connects the camera to the computer. They don’t use up the batteries and you don’t lose them because they stay with the computer attached to the USB. I have one that accepts multiple types of memory cards so no matter what camera I (or visitors) have they can get the pics off. My daughter and friend had readers when I went to visit them and took my pics off and burned them to CDs while I was there freeing up the memory card. :wink:

I think this is the one I have.

yes. the ribbed blanket I made for christmas gift. I finished it, CV wrapped it up, and we gave it away. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with it, so I wasn’t all that anxious to get the camera out and try to pose it for pics.

yea, I’ve made a few things that I have not gotten pictures of. One of which was when I finished my first pair of wrist gauntlets. They were so pretty but they were too big for my hands and I sold them to a friend.

I only remember to take a picture about 10% of the time. Besides that, I only started taking pics in the first place about a year or so ago and have been knitting for over 30 years. So out there are probably hundreds of FOs I never got pictures of.
It is a bummer.
You could ask the recipient to take a pic and send it to you maybe.