Did U Miss Me?

Hey Kids! I’ve been gone for like a month now… Who out there missed meeeeeeeeeeee??? The reason I was gone is because we bought a house!!! Woo Hoooo!!! We own land!! We’ve been here for a month and I’m still unpacking lol!!! Just thought I’d drop you guys a line. Didn’t want you to think that I fell off the earth.

Happy New Year!!!

Congrats on the house Spooky! Welcome back!

What wonderful news! Woohoo! :cheering:

Congratulations! What a pretty house - looks like you’ll have plenty of room to store yarn. :teehee:

Can I move in too :happydance:

That looks awesome, congratulations!

:cheering: :cheering: Congratulations!!!

Congrats! :muah:

:waving: :waving:

now you have more room?
for more yarn, and crafts?
that is SO COOL