Did It! Finally Ordered

Socks Soar on Two Circulars by Cat Bordhi!! I’ve been jonesing for it for so long. Now on to stalking the mail carrier!! :cheering: :drool: :XX: :XX: :XX:

Ooo ooo!! Let me know how you like it. I have my eye on her Treasury of Magical Knitting books. I’m just too cheap to buy them before I get a good look at them.

Now on to stalking the mail carrier!!


I KNOW! I have my packages delivered to me at work, and I was QUITE sure that our receptionist was about ready to beat me with a stick! :rofling:

ROFL!!! Hope it comes quickly … I sometimes stalk our mail carrier! She told me she doesn’t mind … all my boxes coming means she has job security! LOL!

Well, I’ve stopped sitting by the mailbox in my beach chair with my coffee and knitting or scrapbooking!! The neighbors were getting a bit concerned! :wink:

I’ll let you know how the book is!

I came in the door of our local post today and there on the counter waiting for me was my expected package. These people see me coming from down the block. I bought the unabridged version of Snow Falling on Cedars to listen to, since my reading for school is cutting in on my knitting time.