Did I waste my time/resources?

Run on sentence in 3 2 1. So the other day I was thinking, gee it would be great to creat some of my own yarn from start to finish. I looked up hemp , sisal all the usual suspects. I settle on yucca because there is an abunance of it down here is South Texas. I know how to extract the fibers and all that ,I’m even going to collect conchineal bugs to dye it with. here is where I’m stuck, do I card as wool? do I comb it? any advise is greatly appreciated. Did I mention I have 20lbs. of yucca leaves on the boil right now and another 20 to go? thanx in advance for forgiving grammatical errors and lack of punctuation. You guys rock.

This is the only info I could find:

“Yarn or cordage was made from yucca leaves after the leaf was broken down into loose fibers by methods that included retting (soaking), pounding, shredding, boiling, freezing, chewing, and scraping. The loose fibers are drawn into a long, continuous strand by spinning. Spindles came into use around A.D. 500 - but without a spindle, fibers can be rolled against the thigh with one hand while the other hand lengthens the strand as it is twisted.”

thanx. Im going to treat it as though it was flax. Now IM off to make my hackles. Any advise on these?

None at all. Sorry.