Did I spend too much on yarn?

Yesterday I told hubby I was going to AC Moore to get some yarn. Not sure if he knew what that meant. I bought me some yarn, $68 worth!! Here is a pic

I only have Micheals nearby and they have cr@p there, really no selection at all. AC Moore had I think 5 aisles and part of the back wall, and way more cotton than I had actually seen before. I needed cotton (yea, right) and I did need some more baby yarn for the burial blankets. I am also wanting to make hats and maybe some preemie blankets as well.

Oh, and I also bought me a laptop!! He told me to get that though. Now I have to figure how to get all my photos from here to the laptop or maybe a external harddrive but that is for later!

Now what do I start knitting with…?

All very nice colors. Have you knitted with the TLC baby or Moda Dea baby before? What are they like to knit with? They look so pretty.

That sounds about right!! :thumbsup:

I have only knit with Carons Simply Soft and while it is nice and soft, I wanted to try something new and different colors. And I wanted some solids and some varigated. Now I just have to wait until my Harmony DPN’s arrive!

You can never spend too much on yarn! I can’t believe you would even suggest that!!! SHOCKING!
If you’ve only knit with simply soft, you need to branch out. There are SO many gorgeous yarns out there that you need to experience. And you can never have too much cotton- there is such a thing as a dishcloth emergency- you need to be prepared. Don’t feel badly about spending money on yarn- this is your hobby and you spend hours and hours knitting something, it might as well be a good yarn.

I get to hit a real yarn store this weekend! I am wanting some cashmerino and need to pick up my swap partners yarn + goodies too!

:inlove: Prettttttyyyy!

Figaro, was the yarn on sell? I need 30 balls each of Bernat Softee Baby in Mint and Soft Lilac for two baby blankets I am making.

Bernat Softee Baby is on sale at Joann’s until 1/26 - 2 for $5 - but that does appear to be an in-store sale only. It’s $3.29 ea on line.

And Debbie - don’t feel bad about your $68 - I went to the LYS this past weekend and took the plunge into good yarn (I’ve always been the craft-store-brands-on-sale kind of needlecrafter). I bought two tiny little skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk (less than 300 yds) and it set me back $25 with tax…and then I had to run to Joann to get the right size needles anyway! LOL!

Oh, what a fun shopping day you had!!

I loooove that burgundy sugar and cream, btw-gorgeous! And since you’re knitting for a wonderful cause, I’d say no you didn’t spend too much :thumbsup:

im just a kid and i racked up $79 worth on yarn on just 1 trip :teehee:

How fun! Don’t worry about the money. Pretty colors. :thumbsup:

no you didnt sped too much

What size external are you looking at? If you have a spare hard drive lying around, an external enclosure might suit your purposes just as well. I shop around for that kind of stuff all the time, though I almost never buy it. If you want some help, let me know. I keep an eye on the market, JUST IN CASE they have something yummy on sale. =)

Debbie, a laptop and yarn in one day? Girl, did you ever make out! Was hubby at home watching football and let you run free? You should be having a lot of fun with all of that yarn, and bless your heart for the knitting the burial outfits.

WHAT? YOU SAY YOU SPENT TOO MUCH MONEY ON YARN?!??! Shocked. The is no such thing. :roflhard:
Hey, if someone asks, you didn’t hear it from me.
Didn’t do it. :flirt:

That was my first thought when I read the title of this thread. :roflhard: