Did I miss something? help with patons ruffle top

I am new to knitting, but I do have a good understanding of cables, and following charts. I am currently trying to knit a sweater from patons 500855 romance patter5n booklet. I am having trouble with the decrease rows. Was I suppose to cast on extra stitches to allow for the decreaces without messing up the lace pattern? I am totaly lost and confused, can anyone help me?!?
Oh, by the way I am new. I taught myself how to crochet a fews years ago. Just this last July I joined a local knitting group and caught on quickly. My first project was a cabled pillow cover, that I followed the pattern for the front. For the back I found a celtic cable pattern, that at a glance lookes intimadating, but charted is very comprehensive. I hope I have not dived in over my head with this pattern. It seemed to be an easy lace, (which it is), but I just don’t get the side shaping. The numbers just don’t match up.

A little more information will help us help you better. How many sts do you start with, how does the pattern read, etc. Don’t copy the entire pattern here, just the parts relevant to the problem you’re having.

The instructions said to cast on 79, (for my measurment). The problem is figuring out how to get the decreaces to work. The rows are as follows: (RS)K3 * yo. sl1. k1. psso. k6 rep from * to last 4 sts. Yo.sl1. k1. psso. k2.
(WS) purl.
(RS) K4. * yo. sl1. k1. psso. k6. rep from * to last 3 sts. yo. sl1. k1 psso. k1.
Three purl, and two knit rows.
(RS) k7. * k2tog. yo. k6. rep from* to end of row.
(RS) k6. k2tog. yo. k6 rep from to last st. k1.
These are the rows that I am having diffuculty with in the decreace rows. The instuctions say to follow rows 4-19 for the lace pattern,
Then it goes into Shape sides: next row:(RS) k1.sl1. k1. psso. pat to last 3 sts. k2tog. k1. work 7 rows even in pat. rep last 8 rows 4 times more. (69 sts).
I can not get the lace pattern to fit in with the decreaces. Or maybe there is something I am just not seeing.
Thank you for any help.

Those are not decrease rows, the stitch number stays the same because the YOs add a stitch to balance the skp and k2tog.

With the shaping rows, you follow the stitches in pattern rather than the full row. Leave off a stitch at either end because you’ve got one less at each end. So if you’re doing the first RS pattern row, you do it as writtern in the shaping section. On the next RS pattern row, you start with k3 and end with the skp dec.

O.k I will follow the instructions. I just can’t visualize how the edge lace can remain ( which it appears to do so in the photo )without messing up the 8 st lace rep. 79 sts to 69 sts seem to interfear with edge lace pattern. Maybe I am overthinking it.
Thank you help. This site will definately be on my favorite list. the response time was excellent!
I mentioned before that I am in a local knitting group, but we only meet once a week. So now if I have a question between meetings I know where to look. Thank you again.
I will also let everyone in our group know about this site.

you know how to crochet? you mustr be very talented if you know how to knit.i would just follow instructions. but the lace? that is confusing!!!

O.K I ended up with 4 sts at the end rather than the 3 sts. I think I understand the instructions a bit more, but just to clarify I am adding the row numbers, starting with row #4.
row 4 (RS): knit
row 5 (WS): purl
row 6 : k3 * yo sl1 k1 psso k6. Rep from * to last 4 sts. Yo sl1 k1 psso k2.
row 7: purl
row 8: k4 * yo sl1 k1 psso k6. Rep from * to last 3 sts. yo sl1 k1 psso k1.
row 9: purl
row 10 and 12: knit

o.k i don’t know what happened but here is the rest.
row 14: k7 * k2tog yo k6. Rep from * to end of row.
row 16: k6 * k2tog yo k6. Rep from * to last st. k1
row 18: knit
row 19: purl
Rep rows 4 - 19 for lace pat.
The following is where I am having trouble.
Shape sides: Next row: (RS) k1 sl1 k1 psso. Pat to last 3 sts. K2tog k1.
Work 7 rows even in pat.
Rep last 8 rows 4 more times
69 sts
(I started with 79 sts)
O.K so do I k1 skp and follow the pattern for row 6? ( replacing the k3 with the k1 skp dec ) If so I am ending up with 4 sts rather thn the 3 sts that are to be k2tog k1.
can any one clarify on what I am doing wrong?
Thank you so much.