Did I mess it up? (knitting socks) with pictures!

I’m knitting my first pair of socks and I noticed that there is sort of a bar between each needle. I dont really know how to describe it DX so I took pictures

and I messed up the gauge :help: should I continue and just make smaller socks? or start again? ;.; I’m making everyone in my family socks for christmas so I could use them for another person…


That is a very common problem for beginning sock knitters. If you search for “laddering” you’ll find lots of information. It doesn’t look too bad so it might go away when you wash/block them.

thanks :slight_smile: I will search for more info, I wasnt sure what to call it. If I smoosh them together the ladering doesnt show.

Then it’ll probalby even out when wash them.

You can avoid it by pulling the first TWO stitches really tight after you switch to a new DPN