Did I Make a Mistake?

I have a friend whose first grandbaby will be born soon. I found a lovely feather and fan crib blanket pattern and have started knitting it in the suggested yarn, which is Cascade 220 Superwash.

I’m about a third way through, but now I’m questioning my choice of yarn. I’ve had a couple of people comment, at different times, that they didn’t understand why I would knit a wool blanket for a baby who will be born in the summer.

Did I make a mistake? I thought superwash wool was supposed to be okay for baby projects, and that wool was okay for year-round use. Also the feather and fan pattern has ‘holes’ in it so it shouldn’t be too terribly warm - at least I don’t think so, but maybe I’m wrong!

Hmmmmmm, I’m thinking why wouldn’t you knit a wool blanket? Especially, if it is a lacey pattern, they can use it all year anyway…I don’t think you made a mistake. Most people are just thrilled to death to have a hand knit blanket!

Thanks for the encouragement, Ginny!

The baby may be born in the summer, but a blanket can be used all year round. And newborns don’t have a good temperature controller, so they do need to be kept warm, especially if the home has A/C. Ignore them, they’re not thinking…

Yeah, I think wool is year around. But even if they don’t want to use it in the summer… fall and winter come right after summer. Hopefully people don’t only buy/give your friend gifts that can only be used within the first couple months of the baby’s life! lol Babies grow quickly, and months pass quickly, too… If they only buy her newborn-sized clothes, she’ll be glad to have a wool blankie to wrap the baby in come fall :wink:

its going to be a baby for at least a year, so all seasons i would say:knitting:

you’re doing the right thing. keep knitting :thumbsup:

I have to agree - wool is the way to go…

I’m with the others- it’s perfect!

Keep going :slight_smile:

Er, my 5 year old still drags out his handmade baby blankets. He uses a largish one still every night on his bed on top of another blanket! I love wrapping the little ones up in their blankets, and handmade ones are true treasures.

AC is way cold in the summer and nights can be cool also-they’ll get lots of use as it gets colder as well and all the light blankets they’ve been given won’t do. (and the baby will most definitely still be a baby that winter) Plus a lacy pattern IS cooler, you’re right!

How dare they criticize your knitterly goods? :wink:

I would have to say the people commenting on your yarn choice must not be knitters. Keep with the wool. My 4yr old and 2 1/2 yr old still use the blankets that were knitted for them when they were babies. I can remember as a kid growing up using blankets that were made for us as lap blankets when we got older.

Can not wait to see your finished project!

The point isn’t to knit a blanket for the first 2 months of the baby’s life and then throw it in the garbage! :shrug: My parents still use a wool blanket my grandmother made more than 30 years ago! :thumbsup: Go for it!

Thank you everyone! I am very encouraged and will start knitting again! You all have made some very good points that I didn’t think about.

I didn’t think to mention they were NOT knitters, but you figured that out!

lol It’s funny, because I totally just assumed they couldn’t be knitters. haha I didn’t even feel the need to verbalize it - I thought it was understood. Funny how we have little knitting cultural things like that!
Someone said no to wool? Can’t be a knitter. HAHA

You are so right! I think most non-knitters don’t really ‘get’ wool. Before I started knitting, I thought of wool as my enemy. I would get red, itchy and even get a rash when I’d get anywhere near it.

But since I’ve started knitting, I’ve found that I don’t have any problems with the superwash wool yarns. And don’t even get me started on merino yarn, cuz I luv it :heart: and can’t stop talking about it!

Goodness, they will aave more then 1 blanket. WHen they need a cotton one they’ll use a different one. When they need a warmer one, they’lll grab yours and be so happy to have it!

I’m 32 and I still have my hand knit baby blankets, I still snuggle with them as does FH. (He’s a manly man who loves my pink wool baby blanket) <— But if you ever tell him I told I’ll deny, DENY, [SIZE=5]DENY[/SIZE]!!!

I think wool is a great choice. Especially superwash.

Because winter will come soon enough and the baby will still be a baby :wink:

Ignore those couple of people and carry on with your gift for your friend!