Did anyone see Jimmy Kimmel last night

Bobcat Goldthwaite was on wearing a scarf of yellow & black stripes. It looked really neat.
I was knitting, not really paying attention to what was on TV, trying to finish one more round on my hat & just happened to look up & see it.
I’ve had yellow & black on my mind this year 'cause my grandson’s class is called Busy Bee’s. I’d originally thought to make each of them a bee but, couldn’t ever settle on a pattern that wasn’t too babyish. They’re 2nd graders after all.:aww: So pocket scarfs won out. Wish I’d thought to make them striped.

What’s a pocket scarf? And you’re making one for every kid in class? :noway:

I have the yarn & intended to knit the scarves but ran out of time. So they’re being made of polar fleece in the school colors instead of the bee theme. I decided to applique their school letters on each pocket & found cute bee buttons to sew on each one.
A pocket scarf is just as it sounds - I fold up each end, stitch the sides -voila you have a pocket!:muah: My grandson loves these. He never can find his gloves so this keeps his hands warm getting from home to school. I made his after fighting the dreaded stockinette roll.
I used a 5 stitch wide border of garter stitch but the scarf still demanded that it roll. My solution was to stitch the bottom sides together for about 6". Then I folded it flat with the stitched part in the middle & stitched the bottom together. I created pockets for his hands on the [B]inside[/B] of the scarf & it doubled around his neck.

Very clever! :thumbsup: