Did anyone get to see the Eclipes last night?

I am in the Northern part of Virginia and it was really great. I have seen a lot of them in my lifetime. This is going to be the last for a long time. I hope you all got to see it. The red glow was beautiful. :waving:

:cheering: Yup, we saw it in Montreal too! The sky was all clear. It was pretty cold though, so we would go on the balcony once in a while to see it.

I’ve seen quite a few lunar eclipse, but it’s always a nice show. Yesterday was my boyfriend’s birthday, so it was a little more special this year!

Yep I saw it! It was so beautiful.
And as I was looking at the moon I also saw a shooting star out of the corner of my eye! :woohoo:

yeah , i was on my way back from doing some work in southern wi , i didnt get to relax with a cup of tea and watch the whole thing but i did see it, it was clear and COLD! so perfect viewing in SE Wisconsin

Yep, the clouds cleared just in time for the show.

Yep, dh went out to see it…I had to see it from a window he wouldn’t let me go out in the snow since I’ve caught some kind of bug :rofl:

I’m here in Ontario, Canada and we had a very clear view of the eclipse last night. It was pretty awesome actually. It was too cold outside to watch it from start to finish (-11C) but I got to see a lot of it.

I’m like Knitting Guy, the clouds cleared until about 10:20pm so we didn’t get to see the whole thing but at least we got to see most of it. I was pleased, I didn’t think we’d get to see any of it.

I did see some of it, and was excited! Then, I woke up with an irrational fear that it had never ended and there would be some awful consequence. This after a night of weird dreams! I couldn’t wait for daylight to come - of course, it is cloudy and rainy, but I’m over my “little spell” now :slight_smile:

:oops: I thought they said it would be a long time before the next eclipse. My dh said it will come again in 2010.I guess I made a boo boo on that part.

Ya it was cold here too. We had the grandchildren and they really loved it. It was really there first eclipse of the moon and they also thought it was neat. My gd was going out side on the porch I think every ten minutes. Screaming for me to come and look at the moon.:passedout: So I sure didn’t get much knitting done:roflhard:
Glad a lot of people saw it.:waving:

Some of us will get to see a solar eclipse this year as well.

From NASA:

On Friday, 2008 August 01, a total eclipse of the Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses half the Earth. The path of the Moon’s umbral shadow begins in Canada and extends across northern Greenland, the Arctic, central Russia, Mongolia, and China where it will end at sunset. A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon’s penumbral shadow, which includes northeastern North America, most of Europe and Asia

It was rainy and overcast where I live, so I had to settle on watching it online. An astronomy group in Argentina had a really cool webcam that updated once a minute, with beautiful shots of the eclipse. I propped up the laptop on a counter and watched from the comfort of my sofa. :rofl:

My son and I grabbed some lawn chairs and some binoculers (sp?) and hung out in the backyard for a bit. He kept getting antsy though. WIth every little sound he would say “is that a racoon?” we heard a story on NPR about a rabit racoon and now he’s paranoid. :roll: But the moon was pretty. It really looked like a block of cheese!! I wonder if that’s where the cheese story started ?:?? Anyway, as I sat there listening to my son say “waht was that?” every two seconds, I felt a great sense of peace and love knowing that so many people all over the world were doing the same thing I was doing that very second. :heart:

I saw it. I even went to wake the sprout so she could see it to since she’s been talking about it for days. She stomped up the hallway, to the door looked out, smailed and stomped back downt he hallway to bed. :teehee:

I was so happy I got to see it! I got a new digital slr camera for xmas so I tried taking pics, but that is a little outside the realm of my knowledge…I got a couple ok ones though. It was way too cold to stand out there and experiment.


I didn’t get to see it cry I was round at a friend’s house, all waiting to see it, when it typical Scottish fashion the clouds moved in. For a while we could see it through the cloud, but it went totally overcast before the full eclipse.

There’s different ideas on how long it will be before we see another one - there are 4 or 6 lunar eclipses a year, but it seems it will be a while before we’re in such a direct line again.

It peeked out from the clouds long enough for us to watch it fade away and see it nice and orange. We had a lot of cloud cover and I’m sure it was prettier elsewhere, but it was still fun to go out and watch. I love the moon and all her stages!

We got to see it here! Good thing it was last night because today is cloudy as can be and it’s been sleeting all day! I got a few pics, I still need to upload them…Hopefully most of them turned out ok, my camera is pretty good, but, not great when it comes to shooting at night…I saw pretty much the whole thing…My mom called me to remind me and at that time, the eclipse was just starting. I just wish my camera was good enough to where I would have been able to get pics of the total eclipse though!

We had to hop in the car and go drive up the side of the mountain to get above the fog, but we finally got to see it. My DH was great, he knew I really wanted to see it, and he could see it from the office, but by the time he got home the fog had moved in, and I couldn’t even see where the moon was from the house. So he packed me and my camera and tripod into the car and we drove and drove and drove until we found a spot we could get a clear shot of it. I’ve got several dozen shots, but I haven’t had a chance to d/l them yet.

I saw it. It was clear and cold here. At around 11:15pm the moon was a dim rusty red. Very cool.