Did Anyone Get the Knitpicks Catalog

June/July 2006? If so, can you identify the pattern type on page 21 the green asymmetrical cardigan? I love this pattern and I want to make something using it but I’m not going to buy the book…so does anyone have a clue? If you can identify this I will :cheering:

Thanks so much!!

I’m such a dolt sometimes, you can also see the pattern here: http://www.knitpicks.com/Projects/Projects_Display_Yarn.aspx?itemid=30720221&yarnid=5420103

That’s cute, but I think it would drive me crazy. I’d be wanting to straighten it all the time. :lol:

That’s a cool pattern… if you don’t want to buy the book, maybe you can get it from the libary, or on interlibrary loan?

well, most knitting communities sort of (read: really) frown on copyright violations for obvious reasons… and I’m not sure there’s any way you’re going to get your hands on the pattern without buying the book unless it’s a copyright violation.

you can petition your local library to get the book for you…

good luck!

i agree…i feel like everybody would be looking at me like i couldn’t dress myself properly! :shock:

I in NO WAY was going to violate anyone’s copyrighted material!!!

Hmmmm…maybe I should clarify myself. I don’t want to make this sweater…I want to make those stitches, whatever they are, that results in the blocking. (See OP where I’ve stated I want to make SOMETHING…) I’ve seen it many sweaters and blankets(THIS WAS JUST THE FIRST ONE THAT I SAW THAT I WAS ABLE TO SHOW OTHERS WHAT I MEANT…SO MAYBE THEY COULD HELP ME) and I’ve seen it on a sampler at AC Moore, but of course no one there knows what it is…I’m sure this(ese) stitch(es) is(are) NOT unique to the book that it is in.

Honestly, I’m a newbie here, and a newbie to knitting as well…and it’s kind of disconcerting to be accused of trying to steal (which is what copyright infringement is) someone’s pattern, on my fourth post. I mean, ask more questions first before judging…I’m afraid to go any further if this is the welcoming committee… :frowning:

Welcome to the forum!! I looked at my magazine and it looks like this stitch to me


you may want to browse through the other dishrags here and see if another pattern matches it more

I hope this helps and please continue to post we are a very fun loving group :thumbsup:

Yup, the stitch looks like a basic basketweave…or maybe checkerboard? :wink:

I’ve been working on a blanket foreverrrrrrr that has it. Basically it’s in multiples of 7 stitches,

WS - K7 P7 K7 P7 K7
RS - K
Rep that set of rows 5 times then
WS - P7 K7 P7 K7
RS - K
Rep that set of rows 5 times
Then repeat the first set of 2 rows 5 times again, repeat the second set, etc. etc.

Of course you can make your boxes as big or small as you want, but you’ll have to compensate on your row count then, like if you want smaller boxes, just do 5 stitch blocks and maybe only do the 2-row repeat four times, or if you want bigger, do 9 stitches, but add another set of rows to the repeat.

I can’t quite tell from the picture though…theh blocks don’t have a diagonal slant themselves, do they? Or is just an illusion from the slanted button band?

Here’s a picture of what I have…

Clovermeg, I think she just misunderstood what you were asking. We are a warm and friendly community and welcome you here!

It looks like your question regarding the stitch pattern may have been answered. Good luck with it and please share your WIP (work in progress) or FO (finished object) when you’re done! :thumbsup:

Welcome,Please don’t think badly of us :frowning: I think it was just a misuse of words.If you would of said pattern STITCH instead of pattern type I think people would of understood better.We have to becareful here with the pattern copy rights.So please don’t think bad of us.This is the friendliest,most funny,and MOST helpful site I have found. Everyone here is like one big happy family.Give us another try,I guarantee you’ll learn something new everyday :thumbsup:

Thank you so much! You guys found it!!! :thumbsup:

I was thinking of doing this with chenille, I wonder how it would look, a turquoise and yellow baby blanket. Anyway I apologize if I used the wrong terminology and threw some of you off…I’m just unfamilar with how to articulate in knitting lingo…still getting used to it, plus it’s difficult on a forum.

I look forward to learning LOTS!