Did anyone get IK Winter 2008?

Have you guys/girls got your subscription IK Winter 2008? I’m abroad, but i was wondering still. I can’t remember when i got the last issue, so i can’t estimate when will i get this one.

It comes out on newsstands Dec. 2, so I would think the subscribers already had the magazine shipped to them.

Thanks, then i hope it will arrive in the next two weeks!

I got mine in the last week or so. I can’t remember when it came. I was thinking my subscription had run out but then, there it was in the mailbox.

Nice issue.

I’m in Canada. I just got it yesterday.
And I agree, nice issue!


I want mine too:waah:

I feel your pain, it takes for-ever for Simply Knitting (UK) to come to the States.

I got mine last week. :yay:

Just cut me with a knife and put some more salt on it :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

:teehee: I hope yours is here soon!

It’s here! Yippee!:cheering:

Yay. :woohoo:

I haven’t received mine yet, but I’ve noticed that around here it seems to show up on the newsstand before I get it in the mail. :pout: