Diaper cover wool

Hey there,

A dear cousin of mine is recently married and preggers (due in the summer, they didn’t dilly-dally much~)

I would like to knit some things for the baby, including diaper covers. (It will also be a learning experience for me working in the round.) I have not had any problems finding patterns for them, but I do have questions about the yarn:

  1. I have searched on here, and it seems pretty clear that I need to use wool yarn that still has lanolin for it to do its job. Do some of you have recomendations for brands? And is it easy to find pastels in that type of yarn?

  2. Obviously soft is important since it will be next to a baby’s skin, and I have seen a couple mentions of people using Malabrigo for these. I’m certainly not opposed to using nice yarn for the baby, but isn’t that pretty nice stuff for somethingthat’s going to get peed on and fairly quickly outgrown? I doubt the kid will hang onto soakers for sentimental value like maybe a blanket.

  3. How thick should I go on the yarn? Is single stranding worsted weight ok, or do I need to go thicker for them to have enough body to do their job?

Thanks for any help, I am really looking forward to tackling this project, though given my inexperience, I think it is very necessary for me to budget lots of time :teehee:

I’ve knit several wool soakers. Because of our budget I’ve just used (mostly) Patons merino wool, you can buy it at Michaels for $4.99 a skein and I can make one small soaker with one skein. It doesn’t need to have lanolin already in it, because you can buy a tube and do it yourself. Just google “lanolizing soakers” and it should bring up many helpful articles.

Oh, cool, thank you. I like that yarn.

Hi I made a couple of soakers also, using mostly whatever was available. I have heard many people who used lion brand fishermans wool and then dyed it with kool aid (which is very easy), so that might be fun for color alternatives. Good luck. You could also check out diaperpin.com, it is a site for clothdiapering and has a forum for knitting and sewing diapers.

Paton’s Classic Merino is on sale at Joanns online AND they have free shipping today!!

Paton’s Classic Merino

I have used Malabrigo for most of mine, because the people I was knitting for paid for the yarn :smiley: (or I made them as gifts). I’ve also used KP Merino Style, because I know that it softens incredibly with wear.

Aside from the 100% wool part, the most important thing to me is softness. This is like wool underwear, you know (though the diaper is in between), so I don’t use any wool that I wouldn’t want near my bum for hours at a time. :wink: And while soakers wouldn’t be saved like a blankie, they do last a loooong time, through multiple children. Wool is antibacterial so there’s not a gigantic “ick” factor there, at least not among those brave enough to cloth diaper. :wink:

About the weight – it doesn’t really matter, I wouldn’t go bulkier yarn-wise necessarily, but instead be careful to knit at a tighter gauge than you normally would for that yarn. I firm fabric is more important than a bulky one. For instance I knit a Merino Style soaker on US4 needles over a year ago and it’s holding up quite nicely from what I hear.

This is a great flat pattern with good instructions…she has a free longies pattern too that is great.:


Here are some tips for choosing wool for soakers…

Do not use machine washable wool
Do not use wool that has cotton/nylon (etc) blends
Knit with needles 2 sizes smaller than you usually would
DK-Worsted is the best weight
Try something with a small percentage of alpaca for softness

Whilst it’s not a free pattern, the Little Turtle Knits Ribbed Wrap is a GREAT pattern.

(I prefer wraps to pull ons… but that’s me)

I did little turtle knits picky pants pattern because it give you lots of choices for the pattern. While I have never considered spending $14 for one pattern, the pattern really was awesome! She give great detail and if you have questions she is willing to answer anything!