Diaper bag=knitting bag?

i was thinking that i might get a neat cool patterned diaper bag to use as a knitting bag. does anybody else do this?
i just thought with all of the little pockets, the big open spaces, the thoughtful water bottle holder, and the easy wipe down capability, it’d be an ideal way to transport projects i’m working on…and with all of the super cute stylized bags they have now, i wouldn’t look like i’m carrying a diaper bag.
but, if i needed to throw a diaper and wipes in there, i COULD! hahaha
what do you think?

I think diaper bags are perfect. I am not a fan of the wipe down capabilities of them (because it does make them look a little toooo diaper bag-ish) but otherwise, with all the pockets, I think they are perfect.

I used to work for www.diaperbags.com and was always perusing the site looking for good bags! :thumbsup:

[B]Hi Brenda,

I’m always looking for a better Knitting bag then what I have. ( I have Grandma’s old Knitting bag. It’s a Straw one. from way back when in the 40’s or 50’s )

There is a small shop here when they have SO MANY Vera Bradley knitting bags. But talk about HIGH PRICES!!!

The lady accross the street from us has one that only cost her 5 bucks at a yard sale!

One of these I’ll find a great one. Until then, I’m still looking… :slight_smile:



I had a vera bradley diaper bag already and I started to use that for my knitting bag, since I don’t need it for my baby (4 yo) no more…

I purposely bought a Land’s End diaper bag when I was expecting a few years ago. It doesn’t look like a diaper bag, more like carry on luggage (the largest size). I use it all the time for other things now. It works great!

I’ve always thought a diaper bag would be perfect! I love the Vera Bradley bags, but that site has so many cool ones, too! I love this one! http://www.diaperbags.com/diaper-bags/solids/jplizzydiaperbagmochaminttoteset.cfm

Oh and this one!

Too bad I don’t have any money…:doh:

I just bought a diaper bag at TJ Maxx that will either be used as a diaper bag or knitting bag.

The brand is Figgypudding. It is a knock-off of a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag. Asian print fabric with wipeable interior fabric. It can be a shoulder bag or backpack. It was $20. Mine is dark olive with pink trim and pink interior.


A good knitting bag is worth its weight in yarn, no matter what it was originally designed for!

I LOVE my SkipHop bag that I bought when I was preggers with my little man. It can totally be used for a knitting bag. Check them out!

I have the dash canvas. It cleans easily and has tons of compartments. Hmm, now I know what to do with it when my little one is out of diapers!

When I first read this I was thinking it was a great idea. A $20-$30 bag from wally-world would be a cheap, cute solution… then I started clicking the links… Do people really spend that much on diaper bags? That’s just crazy…

I thought the same thing. LOL When I had my kids, I just got a bag from Walmart/Target I think. I know I got some at my shower but I don’t think I would have paid very much. I do love those bags though!

I have the cutest little yellow Beatrix Potter diaper bag, and since I got another one at my baby shower, I am using this one for a knitting bag. It is very obviously a diaper bag, but I don’t care, I love it anyway. :mrgreen:

I have a few non-knitting bags that I am using for my knitting:
1.) I am using a big canvas beach bag. It’s so roomy inside. Only one pocket - but super roomie and waterproof.
2.) I bought a really cute carryon bag in lime green and chocolate that looks like a fancy designer bag on the outside but inside has lots of great pockets inside and is roomy.
3.) I got a cute little crafting bad at JoAnns that is perfect for a 1 skein project.

Also, I have lots of Lancome, Estee Lauder bags that now carry knitting. I’ve found that I do have a favorite bag. So what I do is I buy the EXTRA LARGE Ziplock bags and keep 1 project plus additional yarn and applicable needles in each bag. I put the bags on shelving my Dh made for me. The bags are clear so that I can see what project is in which bag. Then, when I want to work on a project, I throw the Ziplock bag containing the project I want to work on in my fave knitting bag and go. It keeps my project very organized and my favorite knitting bag handy for use.

They’re [B]really[/B] pricey but I [B][I]LOVE[/I][/B] my Zelda bag that I use as a knitting bag…they’re unique and come in the most fabulous fabrics. (I have the Weekender in the Raspberry Swirl fabric.) If you feel like a splurge, I highly recommend one! :slight_smile:


I have about a million diaper bags lying around, and barely use them anymore - I use totes for diapers and stuff now. I recently found my first diaper bag, and was thinking how much I liked it, and at the same time was packing for a trip. I put my knitting stuff in it and was amazed by how perfect it was!! I was wondering why it didn’t occur to me sooner :teehee:.

I was in the dollar store the other day and they had some lunch bags. Small ones which would be great for my knitting socks. Just big enough for the yarn,and the needles. Silly me I didn’t buy one but am going back today and get two or three. I always have that many on the needles at one time. I love making socks:happydance:and with the weather hitting over 100:hot::hot:this whole week I am glad that is all I have on the needles right now.

I did spend like $70 on my Skip Hop bag and it was worth every penny! It hooks onto my stroller with ease, it cleans easily and still looks brand new after a year and a half! I love it and wouldn’t hesitate on buying another one. It’s kinda like buying a name brand purse! You use it just as much as you would a purse!