Diamondback Hat by DH

My husband got inspired and made another hat. He made one before where he used the snake pattern he charted, but this one is quite different. This is made of Patons Classic Merino Wool. That’s him modeling it.

And here is one that shows the back and the “rattlesnake rattle” tassel he made. He did a pretty good job at the color changes in the back.

He sharpened the picture and that made his hair do a funny thing. :lol:

Brilliant Hat love the rattle, great job

What a great job! WTG on the colorwork:cheering:

What a fun hat! Much more fun than a real rattler. Love it.

Wow DH is very talented! I like it!

Gosh…what a beautiful hat!!! It looks great on him!

That is so neat!!

Looks great. Your DH has talent.

Wow, DH!! That is amazing work. I love the rattle. Great looking hat!

Great job, I am impressed!

:happydance: it looks great!! He did a great job :thumbsup:

I LOVE it!! It looks great-I love the pattern and the “tail” especially :teehee:

He’s very talented! That’s a great hat!

What a great hat!