Diamond lace scarf help

I’d like to knit this pattern for my secret pal for ISE4. I’m a little nervous since I haven’t knitted lace before, but I really want my pal to have something special. Anyway, I’m a little confused on part of the pattern. It says k2tog tbl which I get is to knit 2 together through the back loop but I’m not sure I’m clear on how you do that. Don’t you usually knit through the back loop?

No, a standard knit stitch is done through the front loop. Knitting through the back loop twists the stitch. Take a look at this page and watch the videos for K2tog and K2togtbl to see the difference.

BTW, I just looked at the pattern you linked, and it doesn’t actually have any K2togtbl in it. :shrug:

if you are a combination knitter, then you do normally knit through the back loop on stockinette. true english or continental knitters do knit through the front loop, like a combination knitter does when doing garter or knitting in the round.

knitqueen is right, the pattern doesn’t specify k2tog tbl, just k2tog. this being the case, i would k2tog however you are most comfortable.

Oops, I linked the wrong page. this is the pattern

I watched both videos and see the difference (I’m not sure why I didn’t just do that to begin with). Thanks!

k2tog tbl is similar to ssk or skp for a left leaning decrease too.