Diamond design drama :/

Hey guys! Knitting a beautiful romper w a design up top that has me stumped. I may be doing it correctly but would love input before moving along (don’t exactly have time to tink several rows with much of a brain having two under three :wink:

The pattern is called Little Mary’s by Little Edith’s Knit. She’s Norwegian but released this one in English for those who wish to purchase. I’ll attach the instructions for the pattern up top. The question I have is concerning the pattern diagram shown. I’m having no issues following along, but in regards to the slants I’m afraid I need something even more clear. For instance, when it says to go behind the first stitch and knit the second first, would I bring my needle in knit wise all the way to the other side, or through knit wise and though the first before wrapping my yarn? Okay, that was tricky even trying to type it. The other one even has my brain fried further. Bonus points for video or diagram haha! Seriously so thankful if you’ve even read this far without dismissing me as a loon ! If it matters, it’s knit top down w raglan increases for the sleeves


These are like knitting mini cables without using a cable needle. You can use one if you wish but it’s faster to work the stitches out of order without one.
Here’s a video that shows the left twist. The second stitch is knit through the back loop which makes it a little easier to work and since it’ll be hidden behind the first stitch, works out the same.
and here is the right slanting version

You have just made my morning! Thank you!!! Just phrasing it how you did made it make so much sense!!! Off to spend morning naps tackling this one :slight_smile:

Sorry to bother you, but can you clarify anything for me?

I’m just getting back at this and starting on the right side. The diagram shows 13 stitches but the pattern had me totaling 12 on the right side for this size. Am I missing something?

Quote from pattern:

K1, p11 stitches (= right back), purl 1 (place stitch marker), purl 9 (= back sleeve)…