Diamond blanket

Hello there,

Making a pram blanket in a sort of eyelet holey blanket in a diamond pattern.

Two things what does k5, skpo, (yrn) twice, k2tog mean?

Also what does the pattern mean when it says purl row, p1, k1 into yrn overs?

Thank for your help, hopefully people will reply!!


Sounds like a nice pattern.
Skpo is slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over, shown here:

Yrn is yarn round the right needle or yarn over. Do the yarn over twice which will give you extra yarn for the next row. When you come to the double yarn over, (which is really one big yarn over)purl into it and then knit into it. It’s somewhat similar to this video which is a k1p1 into the yarn over: