Diamond and Smocked blanket help

I want to knit this blanket (pattern is linked at bottom of the first post) http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=86155.0

My problem is that when I tried to knit the first part of the seed stitch border, I realized the blanket was a lot smaller than the pattern said (I know, I know… swatching is your friend, lol). However, all I have is bernat satin yarn. The needles called for on the label (5mm) are just too large in my opinion, so I need to figure out how to enlarge the pattern.

It measured a little over 22 inches wide when I used size 5 needles (well, one size 5, one size six- knitpicks is working on that for me, lol). If I could figure out what one pattern repeat was for each smocked section, I guess I could work it out somehow. I am just new to this stuff and haven’t yet worried about gauge and all that, so I am not sure what to do or were to start!

Looks like a 19 st repeat on the first pattern row with a co of 137 with 10 st of seed stitch at each end. Maintain the seed stitch at the borders and when it says *wrn and you start the pattern repeats, just add how ever many more you want to add to the width. So cast on 137+19 or 137+38 etc. You’re getting about 6 sp so for every 19 you add you should get about 3 more inches of width.

You could also just leave the repeats as is and add some to the side borders in seed stitch.

Thanks Kemp- it would have taken me forever to get that straight on my own and I still probably would have messed it up, lol.

BEAUTIFUL blanket pattern! Glad you sorted out the gauge. Looking forward to seeing your finished item. What colour are you doing it?

Well, I only have two balls of yarn right now… one is bernat satin white and the other bernat satin sapphire. I really wanted to use the sapphire because the colour is so pretty, but the yarn is a lot thinner than the white, so I ended up going with the white one. And at this point, my friend is only about 2 months pregnant and doesn’t know what she is having, so white works… lol.