Diamond and Rope cable

I don’t understand the instructions for this cable pattern. I have done simple cables before, but have a problem when it comes to reading the pattern.

There is a rope cable in the center of a diamond cable. The pattern is 28 rows and 18 stitches.

Row 1 (ws): K7,P4,K7 ok. no problem.
Row 2 (rs): P6,S1b,K2,Kss,S2f,K1,K2ss,P6 ok.
Row 3 and all alternating rows, K the K and P the P

This is what I don’t understand:
Row 4: P5, C3BP,K2,C3FP,P5

Row 6: P4, C3BP,C4B,C3FP,P4

What does C3BP mean?..Put three stitches on a cable needle and then put it to the back? …???

And then what is C3Fp?


Yes I think you’re right. The pattern should have an explanation of those terms at the top between materials needed and the cast one.

It looks like you would purl the stitches off the cable needle instead of knitting them. The F in that instruction is hold the cable needle in front of the work. It makes a cable in the opposite direction of the CB.

There is probably a key somewhere in your pattern that explains the abbreviations, but basically, you’re right.

c= cable
3= number of stitches in the cable
b= back
p= I’m guessing this means purl? but it’s hard to say without seeing a little more of your pattern. If it’s a free pattern, could you post a link?

So do you think I should

P5 then put 3 st on a cable needle and hold it to the back

then K2 then purl the 3 st on the cable needle then put 3 st on the cable needle and hold it to the front …and then???..and then P5

It’s just a copy of a cable pattern that I copied from a book, so there are no explainations…

This is the link to the cable pattern:


It looks like you’re working from the mainly purl side of the work. Instead of working the cables from the knit side it has your working the cables from the purl side, so I assume the P in the cable instructions would be a purl. So you would purl the cable stitches on the outer cables and knit the cable stitches when you work the center cable.

Click on the abbreviations link at the top of the pattern page - http://www.dimbleby.net/knitting/abbrev.html shows everything you’ll need, go down to the Aran abbreviations.

Thanks for all the help!

Once I figured out what all those abbreviations meant it suddenly all made sense and I was able to knit that cable. Now let’s see if I can incorporate it into a hat pattern that I am designing!