Diamond afghan - need new pattern?

I found an afghan I wanted to knit, but the directions aren’t entirely clear to me. I’m assuming I cast on at the middle of the diamond, knit one way, then pick up and knit the other way. That I can do. However, I wanted to have a few diamonds with patterns on them, just to make it more personal as a gift. I have two colours mixed in the cast on row… I should be able to manage the two colours overall with the lovely videos here, but how do I cast on?? or is there another way to do this, NOT starting in the middle?

… I’m doing two of each pattern, so I can use one for front and one for back, hiding the mess on the real back of each one… since the back doesn’t matter, could I make a 2 or 3 row thing to pick up off and get around it that way, or am I just making it worse?

That looks like it’s similar to entralac and I don’t think it’s really for beginners. If you can knit and purl you can technically do anything, but it’s a little more complicated. Try looking here if you want to find another.


Not to seem stubborn, but I’ve had this in my head since around October… I just had to have the time to knit and finish the pants I was making first… I haven’t come across another diamond afghan pattern, at least that I was sure was what I wanted. Even if I don’t do it entrelac (or even if I can manage it), I need a way to make the diamonds with designs? I could sew those in, I would think, or knit everything separate and sew it all at the end… but I’m thinking that I can’t just start at one end and knit to the other and have a tidy diamond. It can’t be that easy?