Diagonal Knit Tunic Pattern

Many years ago, Good Housekeeping published a pattern for a diagonal garter stitch patterned tunic sweater. It was knit in two pieces in varigated yarn with a blanket stitch border on the neck, sleeves, and bottom.

I knitted the sweater and loved it, but I have lost the pattern and wondered if anyone had seen or saved it. I would like to make another. Any help would be appreciated.

You might contact the publisher and see if they can help.

If you find someone who has this pattern, he or she would have to sell it to you. Copyright laws don’t allow for sharing of patterns.

Oh, and if you know the date of the magazine, you might search for it online.

Nor do they allow selling. Selling someone else’s pattern is also against copyright.

Sometimes you can find back issues if you know the year and month though. Good idea.

Is the tunic knitted on the diagonal (that would be difficult I think) or is the stitch pattern on the diagonal? Maybe you could find something similar and add the stitch pattern? I’m just thinking about what I’d do in a similar situation. With all the patterns on ravelry and other sites I think finding something close enough to work with could be a viable option. From your description it sounds like a pullover, is it?

Nor do they allow selling. Selling someone else’s pattern is also against copyright.

Only if it’s a copy of the original. Selling the whole magazine or book is okay.

Ahh yes, I was assuming a pattern. :thumbsup:

Uh, yeah, people sell magazines on this forum and elsewhere all the time, so the whole idea that you can’t sell the pattern (by selling the mag) can’t be right.

Thanks for clarifying, Sue.

Even if it’s a single pattern you can still resell it as long as you don’t retain a copy for yourself. It’s a little murkier on ravelry because if you buy a pattern through there, it remains in your library and can’t be deleted, so you can’t sell it.