Diabetic Party Snacks

I’m throwing a friend a baby shower and she’s got gestational diabetes. I know cake is out of the question for her (other than an angel food or something like that) but what should I serve that she could eat? I was thinking a chese & cracker tray and maybe a veggie tray, but other than that I’m lost for ideas. I know from my SIL having it that most carbs and fruits are also out. My husband is telling me chips and bbq weanies, but I don’t think those are “shower” foods and I really don’t think they’d fit the bill either.

Any ideas? Anyone diabetic and have some good recipes for me? THANKS!


Fresh Fruits and other foods high in fiber, whole grain breads and cereals, and dried peas, beans, and legumes, they are broken down and absorbed more slowly than simple carbs.

Foods high in lactose should be limited as lactose is a sugar. I assume this would cover cheese, since cheese is made from milk.

For Beverages water, club soda with lemon, or decaf unsweetened iced tea.

You could also ask your friend specifically (or be sneaky if it’s a surprise and try to ask people around her) what types of food were recommended for her to eat. Since each person is different, and she may require more of one food over another.

good luck!

Devilled eggs. Cheese is okay in small quantities. Fresh Strawberries are lowest in sugar of all friuts and a good diabetic choice. Fresh Blueberries too would be good. Serve Ice water in pitchers with lemons in it. Freshwater is much healthier than diet drinks and with the gestational diabetes she needs lots of H2O. Sugar free Iced tea- again if you can make it yourself- if you want something with some flavor. As someone else said if serving bread or crackers go with the whole grain complex carbs.

My husband has T2 diabetes and instead of sugar he uses Splenda. I think you could go to there website and make something from there and it should be good for the party. They have all kinds of stuff from drinks to snacks that might be good for the party.

If it’s not a surprise shower you could ask her about her diet. I’m sure she’d be happy to help and pleased that you care. Or you could ask her DH (or SO) about it, too.

Everything I’ve read says a varied diet low in sugar and fat with lots of fruit and vegetables, legumes…pretty much what Krystal said.

Maybe for the party aspect you could have angel food cupcakes (read small servings) and strawberries and melons. That would be pretty and colorful… :think:

A couple of thoughts:

Guacamole with whole-grain crackers or chips and salsa.
Cold steamed shrimp.
Melon and prosciutto.
Tiny meatballs on sticks with a mustard dip (not honey mustard)

3-bean salad?

Try some of these…


You guys are great! I knew I could count on you.

I know she likes salsa and guacamole so I may have to give those a shot! My husband loves deviled eggs so I can have him eat all the excess (and stink for the rest of the day, yuck!)

I’ll shoot her an email. She was going to the dietician this week so I can get a list of items that are okay from that, but I wanted to get a head start on some things first. The shower is Saturday and I was going nuts trying to think of what to do since I just found out about the GD Friday!