DH's Big Day

My husband got to go to Arlington today to see the Dallas-Seattle game. The tickets are too pricey for our budget, but since he works for the local radio station, he applied for, and obtained a press pass. He tried to get one for me, too, but they only sent him one. I’m was so thrilled for him though. He never does anything for himself, and I was so glad he had this opportunity. The pass allowed him access to the locker room and the press conferance after the game as well. When he called me during half time, He was so excited, and I told him not to leave that stadium without doing everything he wants to do. He deserves it, IMO.

Here are a couple of pictures he took from the press box. I told him that from now on, he has to take all our vacation pictures, because look how awsome his pictures are…

Lucky guy! I’m guessing he’ll be applying for more press passes?

One of my best friends works for the Cowboys! Isn’t the new stadium great!! She has worked in the ticket office for over 15 years!! It’s a great organization, I’s so glad he got to go!!!

I’m not sure if he’ll apply for anymore. He believes the only reason he got this one is because it was a noon game and not one of the more anticipated teams we play (Eagles, Giants, Redskins…). I keep telling him that it doesn’t hurt to try. The worst they can do is say ‘no.’

Hartleystudio, I just laughed so hard when I saw your signature. One night I was getting into bed. I didn’t realize that I was still wearing my stitch counter around my neck, until my husband asked me if I was going to use it to count sheep. lol

HA!! Even I’m not that bad!! That’s hilarious!!