Dh was in a car accident, but he's ok

He’s ok, but he’s out of town and is pretty sure the car is totaled. He said you could see the undercarriage inside the car.

Pray would be most welcome…

I’m glad he is ok…will keep you all in my prayers :hug: :heart: :hug:

No Good! Glad to hear he is doing fine. My prayers are with you.

ARGHHHHH! That had to be scary! So glad he’s okay and many thankful prayers going up!

I gasped when I saw your title! [U][B]So[/B][/U] glad that he is alright.:hug:

Thank goodness he could walk away and speak to you! I hope everything goes well from here on out. at least he is safe and whole!


So glad to hear that he is okay.

How scary! And how very fortunate that he made it through alright.
How scary for you that he is out of town. You’ll be in my thoughts.


Oh my! How scary!

Prayers spoken. :hug:

:grphug: Prayers for all of you.

:hug: Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.

Glad to hear that he is okay. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Very glad he’s okay! :hug:

:hug: I am so glad he’s alright! I was worried when I saw the title. Prayers being said for all of you!!

He is in my thoughts!!

Thank you all so much… he’s at training and wasn’t sure how he was going to get to the classes anymore, but the school that’s giving them said that the teacher can pick him up.

I’m sorry that the title worried everyone, I don’t think I was quite thinking clearly when I posted it.

:hug: Oh my goodness. So glad he is ok.

I’m so glad he’s ok. I was in a car accident last year (no injuries, thank goodness) and it’s so unbelievably scary. I’m thinking of him and your family. :hug: