Dh said to "frog it"!

ahhh! so I have this wonderful malabrigo that I made lopi lace scarf from from the weekend knitting book, and since I had 1 skein leftover I thought, ooooohhhhh a hat to match! :hug: cast on 70 stitches since I have a medium to small head on bamboo circs. joined. messed up the join. showed to hubby who had held the yarn for me to wind (he loves doing that) said to him, ack, what did I do??? :wall: he says "FROG IT!"
Now mind you, this is malabrigo, this is my favorite yarn to date to work with, i had already cast on, and these were bamboo circs and I HATE :!!!: bamboo circs. they get stuck on nice yarn like malabrigo. And he says to frog it. I gave him a look of you have 4 seconds to live, and he says “i’m learning the lingo!” :roflhard: How can a knitter stay mad at that???

:teehee: He sounds just like my DH!

:teehee: That is truly adorable!

Awwww…my husband has taken to blinking rapidly while smiling and nodding when I talk about knitting. You’re lucky!

OMG, the picture of the frog is hillarious! :roflhard:

MulderKnitter, YEAH, you have the spouse on board!

Isn’t Malabrigo just lovely? And it costs LESS per yard than buying lesser priced yarns due to the yardage.

Which LYS did you get yours from & have you made out to Maple Grove yet?

We still need to get together since we live right around the corner from each other–small world. I’m free on Friday if you want to meet at a coffee shop in the area. Let me know.

You can try to stay mad, but they make it tough sometimes!

Every now & then I’ll hold up my work to double-check if I really did do something stupic… and my DH will say “Uh Oh!” at the top of his lungs. :rofl:

My DH sat me down and told me I had a yarn problem. Not that I’m buying more than we can afford, but he thought it was just not normal. Then I started knitting him a hat… when I got more yarn delivered the other day, I mentioned it to him. He jumped up and ran to my knitting basket, and said, “share! share!” When I handed him my new alpaca, he said, “mmmmmm!”

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

When it might be for him, it’s different!

:rofl: :rofl:

That’s the way to do it! Get them hooked on a yummy soft hat in man colors. Then you can have all the yarn you want. But do you really like sharing the Alpaca?