DH Requested a Sweater! Woohoo!

Yesterday, my husband said I could make him a fisherman’s sweater :woot::woohoo:. To a knitter that’s like catnip! MAKE me knit, MAKE me buy yarn, WEAR my stuff! :woohoo:. Funny thing is he decided this after I made a Christmas coffee Cozy, and he figures if I don’t make him something soon he’ll have tons of socks I make which he doesn’t like :nails: and I’ll soon be making cozies for crazy things around the house. LOL!

OK, so that might not seem like such a big deal, but he’s NOT a sweater wearer, and we live in the South, so it’s not often cold enough for him to wear one.

So…my mission, should I choose to accept it (and you guys can help me here!)…is to find an aran/fisherman’s sweater pattern which is free. I know I can do a Raverly search, but I love to get personal feedback from KHers on stuff they’ve seen or knitted. Photos are always appreciated and enjoyed :wink:

Another thing is he doesn’t like wool, might be a little allergic to it, AND since it’s not ever very cold around here [COLOR=Red]wants me to make it in 100% acryllic[/COLOR]. :noway: I tried talking him into some Wool Ease (80% acryllic 20% wool) but he insists…so if you have made one in all acryllic I’d also love to know which and how it turned out.

I’ve made a cable sweater in acrylic. Also, a 2 Zephyr Style sweaters. Came out beautiful. I used Bernat Softee Chunky for the cable sweater, Caron Simply Soft, and Red Heart Holiday. All wash fantastic, the Simply soft almost gets a “halo” effect. Slighty fuzzy, mohair-like.

I just found this one (John’s Sweater) FREE from Berocco and absolutely LOVE the design. Not sure if DH will though.

I love Simply Soft, I hadn’t thought of that.

I made this for my boyfriend and I used Red Heart Soft. It came out beautifully and he loves it. It’s warm and completely machine washable.

(bragging about my mom) I have the fisherman’s sweater my mom made for my dad. It shrunk in the wash and so I inherited it. I call it my “bullet proof sweater” since it was knit on small needles to begin with. The perfect sweater for days when the windchill is way below 0 (Fahrenheit). I should take and post pictures - she did an absolutely beautiful job. It was knit in undyed wool, has false seams under the arms, has plain sleeves and pattern (cables etc.) from about midway up the body to the neckline, which is a turtleneck. Since she probably knitted it 25 years ago, though, I can make no promises about the pattern still being around.

Please do post photos, and post here as well, or post a link to your pics.

I’m also toying with the idea of getting the 220 Aran Stitch book (Amazon.com link) and letting hubby help me design his sweater, but secretly I hope he picks the John’s sweater (grey one above) I am in LOVE with it now!

I’ve used CSS for sweaters and found it wanted to halo and pill just a bit. (Not too bad but just enough to be noticeable.) You might want to consider TLC Cotton Plus. Fab drape, nice st definition (esp cables), super soft and easy care.

I was thinking since you say it doesn’t get very cold where you live, how about suggesting to hubby a vest instead. You could still do an Aran/Fisherman body, but the arms wouldn’t get overly warm.

For yarn how about Patons Canadiana it comes in a little over 60 colors and its not too “plastic-y.” I’ve used it for charity knitting before when I was worried someone might be or become allergic to animal fiber. Also, there is the new Caron Spa which is 25% Bamboo and 75% Acrylic. There is also the new Vanna’s Choice line from Lion Brand that feels pretty nice and has rich colors it is also 100% Acrylic.

I might surprise him with that after I do this one. He says he had a sweater in college and he liked it because he could wear it without a shirt underneath.