DH Project

I just received an email from DH, it is a riding suit. Obviously should be knit in wool, perhaps a merino blend :roflhard:

Ya think? I suggest the scratchiest acrylic possible! Oh, I know, Phentex! It doesn’t stretch. I’m sure it would be very scratchy and much cheaper than wasting good wool. :roflhard:

Does your DH wants you to make this for him? additional comments bleeped as this is a family friendly site

If he sticks twigs in it he could use it as a Ghillie suit, like they do in the military for camoflauge.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Good idea!

Phentex!!! Perfect! :roflhard:

DH told me if I started knitting it now, he could wear it in his coffin because he wouldn’t expect me to finish it before then :slight_smile:

Yikes. Not enough years in my life left to knit that. :zombie:

:roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

Oh my! This man-body-sweater is hilarious! Seriously? Someone actually knit this thing? :teehee:

Well I tell ya, if I was hiking in the woods, and happened upon a man in this getup,
I’d run for my life! [I][B] The Yeti lives!

Me too! LOL

That makes 3 of us! LOL My Jeff is an outdoorsy kinda guy, and the look on his face when I showed him this was priceless!!

OMG! The thinsulate riding suit has to be warmer, as well as less expensive! :oo:

Is DH sure that this isn’t really a geek suit? It looks like Halo armor! :figureditout:

Yeti Halo aromor? I thought of Big Foot when I saw this. You know, the link to the pic has been posted before and it just doesn’t lose its [I]OMG what the heck and [B]why[/B]?[/I] value.

This is a must show to my DH who is also an outdoorsy kinda guy. Maybe I’ll tell him I’m making this instead of the long promised sweater??? On second thought, I really don’t want the mess of the big D word, so guess I’ll just stick to the sweater.
This is too funny!!! :roflhard: :rofl: