DH on Stash Rampage

:aww: DH found yet another box of my yarn and started going through the house looking for yarn. He found boxes of yarn and knitting supplies and was a bit peeved. He thinks I buy yarn to just buy yarn. (Well, sometimes I do - one never knows when moss green nubby yarn will be needed.) I tried to explain to him that this is par for the course. He didn’t believe me. He read some of the posts on this site. (I told him about the yarn porn.) He was perplexed. DH is a mechanical engineer. CREATIVITY is NOT in his vocabulary. He said that we knitters needed a 12-step program.

I told him that yarn and knitting are my therapy sessions once a week. It costs much less than a session with a therapist at $350/hr. He gave me a crooked grin and walked away saying, “It’s a good thing I love you so much.”

I think we must educate these ‘non-knitters.’ I mean really - who could pass up 10 skeins of alpaca for $10? That WOULD be crazy! :eyes:



DH knows where my yarn is and I have very little stash to find actually. He’s been very supportive of my hobby and hasn’t complained. This is a good thing since he is an artist and his art room is a disaster and crammed with artsy supplies and paintings. He’s also a woodworker so the garage is full of tools. :thumbsup:

When I got my invite to Ravelry, my DH went out and bought me a “stash cabinet” and helped me to load it from all the plastic bags I had stored around the house. He knows what I have because he drives me to the store to buy it. I don’t need a 12 step program, I need motivation to get all these ideas in my head knit up and made into real FO’s and so to use up the stash.

My DH got me my stash back around 1980. He traded a couple of days labor for about $2,000. retail worth of yarn. I was able to go into the yarn store and pick out whatever I wanted. I am now getting to the dregs of that stash and he’s trying to convince me to start frogging my old sweaters and using the yarn over again. I just shake my head sadly and continue shopping online for more yarn.


That’s what you are supposed to do!! Tell him to find some REAL problems to worry about.


My sweetie saw the thread and wondered about it, when I told him your story he said to ask your husband about his pen/pencil collection…

My honey is a writer and I compared my yarn stash to his story hopper (ideas waiting to be put into a story). He agreed, saying that’s why he teases me about it, because he has so many ideas that he probably willl never get around to.

DH has a HUGE collection of mechanical thingabobs and tools. Since he is a mechanical engineer and works in the automotive industry managing development projects for Chrysler, he has all sorts of things that I have no idea what they are. Heck, he has our garage, 1/4 of our basement, and a 40’ x 80’ poll barn FULL of his stuff. He’s not realy mad at me, just pickin’ on me. (Probably because I pick on all of his UFOs!)

Ha! My husband couldn’t care less, the amount of knit stuff I have will never exceed the amount of race car parts he has stashed in his closets, the garage, the attic and his newest hideout…under the guest bed. That combined with his model railroad hobby will keep me in the good for a long time.

10 skeins of Alpaca for $10 - you should have picked up 100 for all your knitting friends :wink:

I’m fairly lucky. My DH thinks my knitting is a more productive craft than many of my other crafts, so he’s pretty indulgent. I just have to knit him a little something every once in awhile to keep him happy :slight_smile:

My husband would never say anything to me because he knows all I have to do is pull up a Quicken report that shows my hobby spending vs. his hobby spending. :teehee: My 2007 spending was only about $28; his spending was much higher than that.

$28??? I usually spend that much before I walk into the shop! Maybe I should hang out with you for a while, put a damper on this constant buying!


Yup, I just point out all the dusty power tools in the basement–including the duplicates. I, on the other hand, knit[I] every[/I] day!

If her DH saw your stash it might kill him. :teehee:


haha this is a joy of being single, no one to have to justify anything to. i buy what i want all the time, its great :happydance: .

my ex would have had issues with it though, misserable git he was lol

i would love to spend $28 a year on knitting, wow can i come yar, shopping with you hehe.

am i yet to admit to currevt bf how much i spend, think he’d have heart failure, ah well, he can’ty say in years to come he didn’t know



Nah, he has seen it and he’s still kickin’.:shrug:

“HER” DH, not yours. I know yours has seen it. Or most of it. :teehee:

Maybe I need to show him the receipts!:figureditout: