DH makes another hat- black and marl

Here is his latest. This one is Patons Classic Merino in black and natural marl. He likes the effect of the marl here instead of a solid gray.

I like this one. :muah:

It looks fantastic :slight_smile: he has done a wonderful job on it .!!

:inlove: love it…he did a great job!

Looks really good, love the pattern!

That is really cool! It seems he’s becoming quite a knitter and designer.

wow Great hat!

That is lovely!

Great design. He should sell patterns his patterns.

Another great looking hat.

What an awesome hat!

Fantastic hat…the pattern is great! Did he write it down???


Great hat!

Did he just start knitting, or did you teach him? His patterns are innovative, he should write them down; do you think he wil?

Last year, November 24, 2007 he invited me to teach him to knit as a 40th wedding anniversary gift. He knew I would enjoy teaching him and he wanted to understand my knitting babble better. So I taught him the basics and then told him he was ready for a project. He wanted to do a hat and hats are all he has made since. He actually only knit last year from our anniversary until it got warm enough for his outdoor projects. He made over 20 hats during that time. Then he didn’t pick up the needles until a month or so ago and he has made several more. He made up every one of his patterns himself. Not one to follow directions. :slight_smile:

Writing out what you do is a bit harder, but I have helped him do it on at least one hat. We ought to do it to some more. Folks seem to like his creations. He has a lot of talent and is innovative all right. He figured out a 2 color cast on that I didn’t teach him and I don’t know it if it “normal” or not. LOL

If anyone would like to see all the hats he has made from the beginning you can go here to my photobucket site to the album of his stuff. Of course everything is in reverse order. Page 4 has his first stuff. Actually hat #1 is the next to last thing on page 4 and the second one is last. It’s quite a history of his experiments.

Now THAT IS ONE GREAT HAT! My DH would wear that hat! :thumbsup:
But, alas, he wouldn’t knit it! :pout: