Dh brag...He's my best friend

Dh surprised me with a simple date on Friday night. Just Culver’s for dinner and the National Treasure Movie. It was so nice. Then he gave me my Valentine’s gift. A book of coupons that he made.

And the coupons weren’t the usual “I am giving this to you, but really, it’s a sexy gift for me!” kind of thing. (Like when he gives me lingerie or coupons for sexy favors…really, we both know they are gifts for him!)

No…well, some of them were. (He’s still a guy :teehee: ). But most of them were for things that were really just for me. :inlove: Like a bubble bath. A 60 minute backrub - no strings attached, no expectations cloud9 . Flowers. A night of dinner and dancing at home. One afternoon of shopping - with one outfit and all the accesories. A night of chocolate tasting. A day of love letters. And, my personal favorite, my slave for the day. :smiley: He gave me enough coupons for 15 days, plus. And on the 8th and the 14th, it’s double coupons. AND there are two veto cards…to be used on a day when I am not in the mood or won’t be able to find the time to appreciate one…and then I can save one of those coupons for another day in the month of February.

He was so thoughtful. :heart: I keep trying to figure out how to use the coupons so that it won’t be inconvenient for him…and he keeps telling me not to worry about it. As far as he is concerned, nothing is more important than fulfilling my coupons. :aww:

Really, I love that man. Today, I used my bubble bath coupon…I went into the bathroom to find it filled with candles, a table next to the tub with chocolates and sparkling cider, and a new magazine on the rack over the tub. AND a new robe.

He is so thoughtful. :cheering:

And he is getting seriously lucky so far:aww: …no coupons needed. :wink:

Oh my gosh- that is one of the sweetest things I have ever read! You are a lucky woman. Can he have a little talk with my DBF? He’s a great guy, but doesn’t get romance. Guys don’t get that they will have a much better time “getting lucky” if they DON’T try in the usual ways. It’s the little things they do. I would love a book of coupons like that- and it’s such a simple, but wonderful idea.

Wow! How romantic is that! :yay:

What a romantic hubby you have :cheering: !

You are one lucky girl! :inlove: I think I am going to have to copy your post and send it to my DH! :poke: Enjoy your gift!

I’m so happy to read this! How wonderful and how thought out! Getting the bathrobe and all the set up for your bath…that’s so wonderful! Enjoy!

Now that is one Great Valentine gift. Lucky you.:clink:

All I can think of to say is “WOW”, that is one awesome hubby! :slight_smile:

WOW was my response, too. I mean, there’s a big difference between a plain old bubblebath and a bubblebath with candles, chocolate, sparkling cider and reading material for the bath! You’re a lucky woman!

I am really looking forward to the backrub. In almost 10 years of marriage, I have NEVER had one last more than 2 minutes before he starts to get “ideas”.:wink: I can’t wait to have a looooong one!

Awww. How sweet! I find it much more romantic when my DH does something for me instead of just giving me a gift. You are one lucky gal!

That is so wonderful!! I love to hear stories like this-just warms my :heart:

And doesn’t make me jealous at all :lol: Oh~ and I never get a back rub without ulterior motives!! LOL!

actually, my DH is my best friend too, but apparently less creative :teehee: Still, he’s the perfect man for me today and always :heart:

yeah, what’s up with the ulterior motive back rubs!?!

I wonder how many hubby’s have had Msoebel’s post copied and pasted into an email?!

What a lovely hubby you have there.

Where can I find a guy like that? What a wonderful husband you have there!

Wow, that guy really knows what he’s doing! :thumbsup: