DH approves of my knitting :)

Had to share this comment from my husband as I know it will be
appreciated here :slight_smile: Yesterday my little girl was wearing a sweater
I had made her while we were out walking and my dh said “hmmm…did you make that?” and when I said that I had he said “yeah, it’s a pretty
practical hobby you have” ok, now that may not mean much to others
but that is quite a compliment coming from him! Everthing needs to
have a practical application so I guess I have approval…that means
he won’t complain about yarn purchases…right? :slight_smile:


:cheering: for Hubby!!

I love when they see the practicality~ my DH said something similar about my sewing habit a few years ago (sewing is like knitting in that it causes SABLE (stash accumulation beyond life expectancy :mrgreen:) (and collecting sewing machines, too!!). One time he told me it was a very good hobby, since I used my stash to make clothes for us all. I thought I’d faint from shock! He’d always teased me so much about the amount of fabric and number of sewing machines I’d managed to gather over the years.

So yah! for DH’s that see the usefulness of our hobbies :heart:

I laughed when I read your DH’s comment - he sounds like mine! How nice for him to notice. And verbally approve.

Yay for your hubster! :yay:
My XH used to say “why don’t you make something useful!” :!!!: That’s why I divorced him :teehee:

After a few comments from my DH after I resumed knitting last year he knows better to say much of anything. He did actually compliment me on my last almost FO though. I have to block it. I haven’t purhcased all that many sewing machines over the years, but I’ve gone through steam irons like they are giving them away from the cheapies to Rowentas. Now, there, he teases me. Hey, they, men, are all alike no matter their ages, ladies. Get used to it, I guess (coming up 45 years for me) and move on. :wink:

:thumbsup: Let’s hope he also understands that not all yarns are created equal. :teehee:

My DH thinks almost everything I do is wonderful and I’m lucky that he is an artist so he knows the value of quality materials and knows that Red Heart Super Saver is right down there with paint brushes from Big Lots. :roflhard:

[I]Disclaimer: I know some people love RHSS and it has it’s value for certain projects, but that is for another day. :wink: [/I]


Libbie, I’m willing to bet that your husband, like mine, has a hobby that is more expensive then your knitting.

Mine is a Civil War re-enactor, short of gambling it away, nothing is more expensive than period re-enacting, IMO. (We live on the West coast, the “good” battles are on the East coast.)

Have you ever knit him a pair of socks? Once I did that, he appreciated my change from crochet to knitting better.

Anyway, congratulations. If he’s a techie type, maybe you can get him knitting also.

Careful! We’re not [B]ALL [/B]alike! Some of us even like to knit… crochet… quilt… I know I’m not typical - but I love them all. :mrgreen: For me - it is the wife who doesn’t understand. She’s very supportive but still doesn’t really ‘get it’!

Yay for your DH! It’s always nice when your SO truly appreciates what you do, and let’s you know, no matter how small the compliment may seem!


My husband is super supportive of me and will actually egg me on to buy expensive yarns. He likes the stuff I knit… the other day I finished knitting one of the pocketbook slippers http://knitwits-heaven.tripod.com/pocket_book_slippers.htm and showed him…he tried it on then decided the pattern was a little too femmy for him to request a pair! :roflhard: He always wants something knitted for him.