DGD's Birthday Sweater - UPDATE - TA DAH! FINISHED!

UPDATE! FINISHED!! Here’s a peek at the finished sweater. And a pic of the birthday girl wearing it!

My daughter says she slept in the sweater the day she got it, and refuses to take it off! She loves how soft the yarn is!


it’s like the circus!!! Can’t wait to see the FO!

Any little girl would love that!

Such great colors!!!

Wow! Loooooove that yarn! :inlove:


This grown-up girl would love it too :teehee:

Thanks to all of you! Yes, I fell in love with the yarn! a hand painted 100% merino wool (super soft!) (expensive!) I wish you could see how vibrant the colors really are! You can’t tell in the picture. HOT pink, vibrant purple, electric LIME green, brilliant yellow! It is a circus! And it’s working up with large splashes of color here and there. Well, maybe I can figure out a way to post the pic without color washout…any ideas out there?

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