DFW area knitting hangouts?

Does/Is anyone a member of or know of any good places for knitters to hang out in the Dallas, TX area? I am fairly new to the area (and to knitting!) and I would love to meet some new people and get involved. I know the local Michael’s and Joann’s has classes. . . but I don’t know of any LYS or other type place around here. Any suggestions would be great! :smiley:

Here are a couple of places.


I’m too far away from both to attend but would really love to. I’m in nw Fort Worth area.


Do you have LJ? If not you can still view this.

CLick on “nightknitters” next to User and you can read what people post. We meet on Friday nights in North Dallas. On the main page is all the information.

Hope this helps!

Thanks so much!!

I’ll definitely check these out!