Devil Skirt

Here’s what I’ve done so far on the skirt that started out with 774 cast ons. I’ve got 3 more rows of seed stitch, then plain stockinette until I get it the length I need. It’s reduced down now to a manageable 258 stitches, which is still a lot, but better than what I started with. I’m using KP Telemark 100% Peruvian Highland Wool in Tidepool Heather on size 7, 60" circular needles and this pattern:
It’s been 100 degrees here everyday for the past couple of days so working with this wool is done only with the air conditioning going:-P

Are you doing it in the round? It’s really cute!

Oh I love it! I did that Bell Ruffle on my Red Aran Afghan last year!
It is fun to knit! This skirt pattern is ADORABLE! And a person could easily knit it a longer length…or shorter, I guess, too!

Thanks for including the link! I saved it in my Knitting Patterns folder!

I started out knitting it flat because of the sheer number of stitches…I was not able to join in the round without a twist or two. I’m going to have about a 2" seam at the bottom, but that’s not going to show. I started over three times, but finally got it joined. I’m going to be doing some shaping and will eventually go down to probably a 47" circ or maybe smaller, I’m not sure yet. I’m only using the bottom part of that pattern because I liked the way it looked. I’m going to improvise with the rest. Just a little too short for an old woman, if you know what I mean :wink: Maybe if I were 30 years younger I’d wear it that short, but certainly not now.

Thanks, ArtLady! Your knitting is amazing. I wish I could crank out FOs as fast as you. I only have a couple of hours a day where I can knit so it takes me quite a while to get anything finished. But, I just enjoy the knitting…my job is extremely stressful and so knitting at lunch and when I get home helps me to relax.

Devil Skirt? Did I get diverted to another site? The one that came up, blue with a pretty border, would look great on my DIL.

It’s really nice, thanks.

That is so much work. It sure is starting out with an adorable ruffley edge though.

774 stitches cast on?:passedout:

That skirt is adorable! But 774 cast-on stitches??? I’m impressed with your determination. I love the color you chose. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

That skirt is so cute I had to save the pdf file! I might try it, too but that is a ton of stitches to CO. :eyes:

I live not far from you and it has been so uncomfortable here!!! I have a two year old and we’ve been hitting the pool almost daily. It is really hot to be working with wool.


Wow…holy moly cast-ons! That’s a really cute skirt - and it’s turning out really nice so far!

What an absolutely darling skirt. You are a very brave soul!

[FONT=Palatino Linotype]Thanks to everyone…I’m calling it my devil skirt because of the trouble I had the first two times I started it. But the third time I managed to get it right and join it without twisting. I may have chosen the wrong size to knit, it’s looking way too big, but I’m going to do some decreases after I finish with the bottom part so hopefully it will fit. The pattern just says to knit even after doing the fancy stuff, but I don’t think that’s going to work. Guess I’ll see later.[/FONT]
[FONT=Palatino Linotype]Bambi, it [U]IS[/U] hard knitting with wool in this heat, but I stay inside where it’s cool. I don’t go outside unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’m thinking ahead to the winter…can’t wait. [/FONT]

Sknitter56, this is turning out nicely. It looks like you are going to have some fun making the skirt to suit you. I’m anxious to see your result.

I am soooo saving that pattern! I would definately make it longer for myself, but I don’t like my knees.:roflhard:

:happydance: lookin’ good!

its georgious, i have bookmarked it and will be making it as well.