Determining sizes of loose dpns

I received a bunch of dpns that belonged to my grandma but they were loose in a bag. Is there an easy way to determine what size they should be sorted into? Since they are all different colors, are the colors based on the size? Is there a website that will help me decide which needles are the same size?

You really needle to get a needle gauge/sizer. They’re only about $2 anywhere that sells needles and yarn, including walmart, joanns or other craft stores. Different brands will make the same size needle in different colors, and often even the same manufacturer will change the colors, so you can’t go by that. Get a sizer that includes mm sizing as some may not conveniently be a size 2 or 4 or whatever.

suzeeq, thanks for such fast service. I am a member of a lot of various sites/forums and none are as prompt and forthcoming as this one.
Actually I think I have one and didn’t know what it was. On one end of the gauge finder is a bunch of holes. I am supposing this is the needle gauge.

Yep, stick needles into the holes till you can get a needle in a hole that’s snug but will fit.