Determining length of sock?

I’m knitting a pair of socks for my dd to wear with her boots. I want to make them the correct length for her foot. I measured an outline of her foot when she last visited, and the length is 9.75". My pattern says to:

Continue working evenly (no more decreases) until foot measures desired length – or 6.5(7.5) inches. You measure from the little ridge where you picked up the stitches on the heel – the gusset. You can make this the exact length required for the sock wearer’s foot – if you take their total foot length and subtract about 1.25 or 1.5 inches for the heel part, then subtract another 1.5 to 2 inches for the toe.

I’m still a little confused as to where, exactly, that I place the end of the measuring tape on the heel end. :?? I tried to post a pic of the sock, so it could be pointed out to me exactly where to begin measuring, but apparently I’m no better at picture posting than reading a pattern. I couldn’t get it to work. :wall:

Measure from the line down the side of the foot at the edge of the heel flap.

What I did for my socks-that-actually-fit is to try them on when I got closer to the toe. You have to be careful, but you can get your foot in there. (or hers)

Ingrid, would you mind looking at my pics on shutterfly, then tell me just where it is you mean (the line)? I’m sorry to be so dense. :??

Sorry for the poor quality. I’ve not mastered my son’s camera. :oops:

I can’t try the sock on her, as she’s on another continent (Germany). :verysad:

Measure from where the vertical stitches at the heel meet the horizontal stitches from the foot, on the side below where your ankle bone would be.

You cannot imagine my embarrassment at knitpicking this to death (no pun intended :teehee: ), but if you were looking at the back of this sock, where the vertical ribbing looks like a sort of square, would I measure from the corner (one side or the other) of the bottom of that square? :oops:

I believe either would work.

Okay, thanks, Ingrid.

Now moving forth again, confidently. :smiley: