Determining gauge

I am not sure it will be possible to determine from the perspective on these images but I am just wondering if it possible to estimate/guess the size of needles/weight of yarn/type of yarn and/or gauge that would have been used in the image attached. It comes from a collectable costume card sample.
Thanks to anyone that can offer any advise at all!!


If you made the picture yourself, it would help if you do it again together with a ruler in the section with lighter color. Then it would be possible to do a really rough estimate of the gauge. Without any reference (like a ruler) it would be impossible to guess the gauge.

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Ah i thought that may be the case. Unfortunately it’s not my image. Thanks for the response!!

Unfortunately, that image is of extremely poor quality – can’t see anything at all!

Yes, there is a simple way that I use to determine what needle works with any yarn. You should ask your instructor; I would think it was covered in the first lesson or two.

And the final, and ultimate, way to determine which needle works best with any yarn, is a swatch! It may be swearing to some of you, but it is the only fool-proof way to know for certain, that you have the correct combination. It will save you hours and hours of work! Many of us have already realized that, so follow their lead: make a swatch, and you will know!! (Keep good records too)

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Is it of a jumper/sweater seen in any particular Harry Potter movie? I’m thinking if it is, it might make it a bit easier to work it out from seeing the jumper on the actor. Photos of knitted fabric out of context like this could be double knit to chunky!

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Thanks for the reply.
Yes it is from HP Order of the phoenix – it is a maroon and white and pink striped hoodie that appears maroon and gold in the movie.
This is a full view from the movie. i am not good at all at identifying types of knits but am not sure that it will be possible to determine much from these images either as they are from so far away and usually very dark.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated, but I understand it may not be possible to determine from these images.
Thank you!

I found some other pictures and think it looks like 4ply or double knit, but I’m leaning slightly more towards 4ply. It looks like fine-ish wool to me but I could be wrong.
I’m tempted to do some rough maths (I’m not that great but I could try later!) based on Emma Watson’s height - she’s 16 in this movie so likely at her adult height (5’ 5”), UK size 10. Might have to come back to this when my tablet is charged again, but… I’m also guessing jumper would be around 20” long from shoulder seam to bottom hem, seeing as it finishes about waist level. I’m only 1” taller and measured myself to see!

This is fantastic! Thank you so much for your help. Please don’t put yourself to any trouble if it is too difficult to work out. This will be my first jumper knit if I can find a similar pattern or can figure out how to adapt one. But was just not sure where to start looking as didn’t have any ideas of the type of wool etc.
Thank you so much!

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I see! Well, I just think I’d find it interesting to work the gauge out that way but I’m thinking along the lines of “reverse engineering to make a replica” but that’s not necessary if you don’t need it to be the exact same anyway. It’s just fun to do sometimes. I’m bad at maths but when it comes to working stuff out for knitting I enjoy trying! :yum:

That sounds like a fantastic skill! I would love to be able to create replica’s and figure them out from images – but at this stage I wouldn’t even know where to start :slight_smile: (one day I might get there!) If you had any more thoughts on anything that would help or that I should know I would appreciate it so much!! – but if difficult or time consuming, please don’t worry too much.

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It’s totally fine! You’ve piqued my curiosity anyway. I’ll take another look at my photo later, I’m going to try and measure it with the garment scaled a bit bigger than I did yesterday. I know there’s 4 rows in each pink/white stripe so I’ll likely use those as my main guide to working the gauge out.
Edit: I don’t feel it’s quite right, but I’ve calculated the row gauge to be 50 rows per 10cm (not sure about stitch gauge), which would make the yarn used closer to 2 ply. The ties on the neck suggest it’s not handmade, to me, though.
There are also some mock cable sections on the hoody front (difficult to see but they’re there!).
Rib sections work out at 3” deep