Detailed pix of Mattress Stitch

Sewing is not my idea of fun, :roll: so I had a mooch around to see what was happening with seaming.

Came across this site:

(Skip the first three short paras and go straight for the first photo.)

It has very detailed pix of Mattress Stitch and tells you the best way to go about it - for left-handers too.

It even tells you how to fix wrongly counted rows of ribbing and also helps with Garter stitch.

Those instructions are among the best I’ve seen. Thanks for posting them

Wouldn’t download for me properly. It’s a large file but seemed to cut out half way thru. Perhaps others are copying and their server is busy right now.

Fantastic tutorial with photos and diagrams! Thanks for posting the link. :smiley:

Downloaded in a microsecond just then. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps - I posted this a few days ago and folks seemed to like it.