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Trying to name ANYTHING is a chore for me…especially when so many of you have such fantastic creative minds!!

My name is Joyce and I live in Mount Airy. I am probably one of the oldest newbie knitters in this forum and began knitting on November 11, 2004…became ADDICTED on November 11, 2004…more on this next post! I just turned the big 5-0 in March. :shock: and am so thankful that I finally had the opportunity to learn to knit.

This post is short, but I’ll post more later I did want to post a picture of my pride and joy…my 18 month old Grandson, Dawson. :heart:

Oh, Joyce…he is BEAUTIFUL! And, what gorgeous colors in that picture!

I LOVE the name of your blog! VERY creative and unusual :thumbsup:

Congrats on turning the big 5-0! I work with folks well into their 80’s and 90’s (some even 100’s!)…at 50, you are still a BABY!

Thank you Kelly…we certainly think he is a handsome little fella. Now…more about me…I have been married since I was 17 1/2…almost…let me get the calculator here…33 years last September…to the same person :rofl: We lived in Eastern NC all of our lives until 3 1/2 years ago, at which time, my husband’s company announced they were closing (textiles). He had been with the company for 30 years…since his senior year of high school and since he adores textiles, he wanted to remain in the field so in order to do so…and eat…we had to relocate and fortunately, he was never without a job. He is plant manager of two textile plants in Hillsville, VA and since I think the mountains are pretty but didn’t want to live in them…we are in Mt. Airy, which is in the foothills…thereby, my alias Foothills!

I had worked for local government for 15 years and our family is still in Eastern NC. We have one son, who turned 29 in February and he is a fine young man…even a junior deacon at their church…hard to believe since we had to drag him out of bed to attend church on Sundays :lol:

He married a beautiful and sweet girl in June of 1999 (THANK GOD) and we always lived within 2 miles of our family, so our relocation has been a MAJOR adjustment for me. There haven’t been any jobs in my local government field (certified municipal clerk and human resources) in this area, so I’ve been trying to find my place in the world for the past 3 1/2 years.

We purchased land back “home” and gave them 2 acres of it, so they will start building a new house soon…and we plan to build when we move back “home” in a few years. We do go “home” every other weekend because of our family. One of the most difficult aspects of moving away at our age is the fact that my Mother is now 77 and I feel the need to be closer to her. My husband’s Mother passed away last year and my Dad passed away the year we moved here…anyway, I feel guilty in some ways that I’m not closer by to help my brother with her…although, she is still very active but it seems you notice things more when you don’t see your Mom for a couple of weeks! However, I do talk to her several times a day and occasionally…since I’m not working with the public, I do go “home” for a 2-3 day visit through the week sometimes.

Having bored my blog…which is all about knitting :wink: I’ll get to the subject at hand…I wanted to learn to knit when I was 12 and walked to a lady’s house who lived about 4 blocks away…apparently, she wasn’t too fond of teaching a 12 year old with no funds to knit, so I didn’t have the opportunity to learn. The thought of knitting didn’t really cross my mind again due to LIFE…marriage, college, son at age 20, working day and night, etc., etc.

Feeling at a loss in Mt. Airy (Mayberry!), I came upon a store downtown that sold hand knitted scarves but thought they were a bit pricey so when I saw that a yarn shop was opening in Pilot Mountain last October in the newspaper, I decided that I was going there to learn how to knit scarves because they were offering classes during the day and my night vision for driving is a little off and here in the foothills, I’m always scared of driving off of a cliff :rofling: as I was accustomed to flat land. I went to the shop and there was no “class” going on, but told the lady that I wanted to learn to knit a scarf…she showed me the knit stitch and the rest is history :XX: …I amazingly (to me) caught on quickly and began craving more and more knowledge and want to knit more than a scarf these days…I have graduated to felted bags, but sometimes have the desire to knit a scarf or two at the same time so I can see the results quickly.

I came upon Amy’s site while trying to learn how to knit one of my scarves and e-mailed to ask her a question…at which time she also referred me to the forum. I was also a weekly visitor to the lys, spending way too much money and acquiring way too many scarves, so I have sold a few of them. I was :shock: when someone wanted to buy one from me, but also quite proud of myself…good for the self esteem to make something that someone else thinks is as lovely as you do yourself!

I really think Amy’s site is a Godsend…it is really awesome and I think we all should get together for a big party and KUDOs for Amy :cheering:

It’s also been great to read all of your posts and see all of your work…you’re all awesome :thumbsup:


Wow! Congratulations on being married so long – to one person! That’s a GREAT accomplishment. You’ll have to share your secrets.

No secrets…just train them early :rofling: Seriously, the first years weren’t bliss, but marriage requires lots of give and take…and the fact that he doesn’t mind my buying yarn and knitting helps tremendously :lol:

Hey Joyce! I’m a fellow NC-er. I’m in Concord though, near Charlotte.

I’m right there with you about the creative thing. I signed up with one of those free blog servers to start my own blog, but have yet to do it. I can’t come up with a catchy name!

You’re little guy is adorable too! Thanks for sharing the pic!


Hi Laura…thanks for the nice comments…I am familiar with Concord’s location…I really like Concord Mills although we do not get that direction very often…we’re usually heading toward the east!

It is so reassuring to me when I discover people who have been married–mostly happily-- for such a long time. I know people my age who have been divorced TWICE. Glad to see there is hope!!! Congrats to you!

Hi Joyce!

What a handsome and adorable grandson you have! Great pic!

That’s wonderful that you’re in a happy long-term marriage. "No secrets…just train them early :rofling: " I love that. :slight_smile:

What’s on your needles right now Joyce? Got anything cooking?

Hi Amy…Dawson is a sweetheart…we just returned from visiting him yesterday…unfortunately, he has strep throat, but it didn’t seem to slow him down very much…kids are so resilient!

I’m currently working on my version of the Booga Bag…I call it the BIGGA bag…for my daughter-in-law…and a scarf. Again…LOVE your website and would be at a loss without it!


Joyce -
How is that little cutie-patootie Dawson feeling? I swear that pic you posted of him looks so perfect, like one of the ones that comes with the frame!

And how’s your Bigga bag? :wink: Gonna post some pics?

Joyce, though I don’t have any cuties like Dawson (or any grandchildren), I’m in that same category as you, as one of the oldster’s (49 in Feb.) around here who’s new at knitting. I’ve only been at it a couple of months, though; and am quite certain I’d have chunked my needles in the nearest garbage can if I hadn’t run across Amy’s site. It was an answer to prayer! :pray:

I imagine it must be really hard being separated from your family like that. My 21yod moved to Germany last December. She’s not sure how long she’ll stay yet, but she went for a 6 month visit and has now rented her own apartment and plans to stay at least 'til the end of the year, or maybe even 'til next summer or beyond, because she likes it so well there. Meanwhile, I’m sure missing my baby. :crying: So, I can identify with the separation from family blues. Knitting helps, though, huh? :x:

Laura, thanks for asking about Dawson. Actually, they came up here this past weekend and we went to Concord Mills. He exhausted us, but we had a great time! He must have tubes put in his ears on May 13th…so everyone…please keep him in your prayers! He’s had so many ear infections/colds since he began teething :frowning: but otherwise, he’s bursting with energy. He slept with his Grandma and PaPa on Saturday night…he slept well…we did not! He likes to sleep sideways with his head propped on me and his feet propped on his PaPa!

Knitting does help with the “family blues” :cheering: I am leaving probably on Wednesday or Thursday this week to go “home” for Mother’s Day…DH will come down on Saturday morning, so we do at least get to spend more time than most with our family, although it gets tiring to go that distance every other weekend and live out of our luggage :rofling:

I am posting two photos…one of the larger booga bag that I finally finished after frustration with the handles, and the pouf/galway bag that I still haven’t located a button large enough to attach for a closure, so if any of you have suggestions or locations of where I may find one, please feel free to let me know! I’d love to find either a large (maybe 1 1/2 or 2 inch?) button in a mint green or hot pink.

OMG! Your bags are fabulous! Love the colors.

Wish I had known you were at the Mills. I live about 5 minutes from there. I could have come and stalked you!

I didn’t realize we were going to Concord Mills until about lunchtime on Saturday because we never know how to plan our shopping trips with Dawson! If I had, you would have been welcome to “stalk” us because I would have enjoyed meeting you! My DH and I may go back again soon and if we do, I’ll let you know beforehand!

As far as the bags, I enjoy making them although they are more time consuming…I just wish I was a seamstress because if I were, I’d make some type of covered insert to fit in the bottoms…kind of like the Vera Bradley bags. The booga was expensive to make since I made it larger and with Noro…almost 5 1/2 skeins at $8.50 per skein…Noro knits up so beautifully though…I think it’s neat how the yarn makes “stripes”. I have 3 skeins of a different color which I may knit according to pattern soon.


Regarding Awsome Dawson: I can tell you, because I actually had it done at the age of 14, that it doesn’t really hurt that much to have tubes put in your ears. You have my prayers, but also my assurance that this shouldn’t be all that traumatic for him. And the relief of not having ear infections is immeasurable!

The bags are fabulous! I love the speckled one. If you want a no sew insert, go to Michaels and get some of the 1/4 inch craft foam to cut to fit in the bottom. That should give it some shape. Or you could glue two pieces together if you want it more stiff.

I agree!! Nice bags Joyce!!! :inlove:


Ya know, if someone had not read the previous posts… :rofling:

I did have a few brain spasms while creating these bags…didn’t I Kelly :roflhard:…so much that I decided to take a scarf break :happydance: …finished the green scarf and am now working on the Martha Scarf.

Thanks for all of the praise :heart:


Oops…something happened and I forgot to add the photos to my post and couldn’t delete the former post…another brain spasm :rofling: