Destined to Knit and go to Knit Picky

So. I am starting a new job on Tuesday. I am leaving Monday to go to Winston-Salem- i have never been there- I am going to be there for most of March off and on. I had read about Knit Picky on one of the forums and thought I would look it up believing it would probably be somewhere on the other side of the city from where I would be staying. I map-quested it and was shocked and excited to find out it is less than 10 minutes from where I will be training/working.

It is enough that I am trying to get myself to Winston-Salem, find my hotel and find the office i am suppose to got to - I have printed off alot of maps and directions from mapquest, so i was delighted to find out how close and easy it is going to be for me to go to knit picky and they are open after 5. Yea!!!