Destination Row

So, I’m knitting my afghan and realized I skipped a row in the pattern. I’m only 1 row past it, so it’s not too horrible. I need to frog back 2 rows. The last row that’s correct is all purls. (Except the edges). On Amy’s video, she shows how to do the inserting into a row that’s both knits and purls. Is there a way to do it when it’s almost all purls? Does that make sense? Do I do it the same way just on the “backside” of what I actually did on the needles? Am I making any sense? I just don’t want to go back to the pattern row by accident. It’s 150+ stitches and I hate trying to pull and get the yarn back on the needles at the same time.
The only time I’ve done the destination row, I did it all backwards and had to twist eah and every stitch as I came to it!

Under fixing mistakes you’ll find info about the destination row.