Destashing Sale-Gone-Thank You

I’m going through my yarn, trying to find new homes for the ones I no longer need. All prices include shipping, and I accept payments via paypal.

Cotton Tots Grab Bag: I have 4 and a couple of remnants of the color, grape berry, 2 and one remnant of lime berry, 1 strawberry, 2 lemon berry, 2 wonder white. Each skein sells for $3.27 at Hobby Lobby. I’m asking $20 for the whole lot… [COLOR=red]Sold-Thank You.[/COLOR]

TLC Cotton Plus: There are 6 skeins in the color, thistle. It a nice soft yarn, and machine washable. I’m asking $10 fir all 6

Here are a couple more yarn packages for sale…

Woolease Chunky: 7 skeins and enough remnants to equal a little over a skein in the color deep rose. There is plenty to make a throw, or a lapgan. I’m asking $20 for all.

Plymouth Fantasy Natural: This yarn is 100% mercerized cotton. All ten hanks for $30. I rolled one into a ball, but it’s a full hank. [COLOR=red]Sold-Thank you.[/COLOR]

Are you negotiable on the prices?

I would like to know your lowest price because I am losing my job come the 9th and AI will not have much money. I am looking for more yarn mainly cotton. for dishcloths towels that kinda thing. Dawn

Sure, make me an offer.

What do you have left?

So far, all of it is still available. If you want to make dishcloths, I have lots of Sugar n cream, and peaches n cream. I can look through it as see what colors I have.

If you would do that for me. thank you. I am not real picky. I like blues and creams, kids like reds and black. Just any thing will do. thank you again. send me a PM if you want to speak price and how to pay.

Let me go look.:slight_smile:


pm’ed ya!

Sent you PM