Destashing - Please help!

I am in the process of cleaning out all my fabric and yarn leftovers from all the wonderful projects I have worked on in recent years. Check out my Destash Boxes over in my Etsy shop.

If you are local and can pick up, these items will be free. The selling price and shipping are being charged just to cover my costs of listing, selling and shipping these items.

I also have lots more yarn to destash, so if you’re interested in taking it off my hands, I would be happy to pack it all up into one big box and send it to you just for the cost of actual shipping.


HI…is the yarn posted somewhere else? Didn’t see it here on this post…thank you

The link in her post should/may take you to the stash.

Ummm it took me to her fabric stash…

That’s part of it, why don’t you pm her about the yarn.

Look through the pictures on the page that her link opens onto. There is a picture (about in the middle) there with yarn in it. Click on it. I believe this is what she is referring to.

ETA~ I went back to her page via the link. On the left there is a link for destash items and I no longer see the picture of the yarn. She must of given it away and removed the picture. I apologize for being wrong and sending you on a wild goose chase.

I must say…your sewing is beautiful! I LOVE YOUR KNITTING BAG TOTES! Well, I see them as knitting bags, but really, these totes could be used for anything! Great work, and I also think your pricing is nice, too! Very fair for such high quality work!!!
Sweet-n-Sour Tote (love!)

Larger Tote, Red & Aqua. (adore!)

The original boxes of yarn I had offered have sold, and now I have one destash yarn box available which is mostly cotton yarns. You can find it here: which is my etsy shop and it is called Destash Yarn Box 3. If it is no longer listed, that means it has sold.

I have a box of sewing patterns listed now too, and there are a few destash fabric boxes still available. The price I am charging is just enough to cover fees incurred for listing, selling, accepting payment, and shipping, so these destash boxes are a great deal if you are looking for stuff like this.

And of course I have all my other new, handmade items available as well which I invite you to look at while you’re there. Consider supporting home crafters and buy American this Christmas!

Thanks so much for looking and for all the nice comments!