Destash: Sewing Patterns

I have been working on my spring cleaning lately and I thought that I would start getting rid of some stuff that I may never use. Especially because I need to start taking my little kitty to the vet. (Nothing wrong with him - he has just never been before ever.) Here are a few Vogue & McCall’s patterns. Each one I’d like at least 2.00 for shipping - but if you buy more than one - I am willing to put it in a $4.00 flat rate envelope. I’d like to be paid using Paypal - but we can work things out. All patterns are still like new and have never been used. This is a Vogue Options pattern (#7873) - it is discontinued. $3.50 (Sizes 14,16,18) A Vogue Crafts Pattern (#7842) - it is discontinued. $3.50 Very Easy Vogue (#7820) - it is discontinued. $3.50 (Sizes 12,14,16) Vogue (#7252) - handbags - it is discontinued. $3.50 Vogue DKNY (#2783) - discontinued pattern. I really liked this dress, but you know too many projects - not enough time. $3.50 (Sizes 12,14,16) Vogue #2449 - discontinued as well. It’s a nice jacket pattern. The area I live in - it’s warm weather most of the time so there is no reason to own a jacket like this. Except in late winter. $3.50 (Sizes 12.14.16) McCall’s Evening Elegance #3954 - $3.50 (Size DD 12-14-16-18) I used to work in a fabric store, that’s how I know the pattern has been discontinued. I have 1 more pattern as well - that I need to take a picture and post. Thanks for looking. If you have any more questions - feel free to ask. If you have offers - PM me. ^^ (I’m sorry the thread is so squashed together - I tried to fix it - but I am unable to. :frowning: )


I’ve only just spotted Vogue pattern 2449, 12-14-16, on this website. Is it still available, please, and if so would you ship to England??

Thanks and best wishes.

I am interested in the Vogue 2449 pattern. I can pay with Paypal, no problem. Just need you to send me an invoice for the pattern. Can’t tell you how excited I am to have found this pattern in my size. Thank you and waiting to hear from you.

The original post is from 2008 so the patterns may well be gone.