Destash - Maggi's Cotton, Maggi's Alpaca & Maggi's Rag

Maggi’s Cotton, Maggi’s Alpaca & Maggi’s Rag
Each sk retails for $6.75 each - will sell all for $10 plus shipping.
These are all a light pink color- if you’d like to see a color card online, go to and look up Maggi knits. The color is 02 and is a light pink. Very pretty!
**Maggi’s Alpaca (color 02)
2 Full sks (both ball bands removed - one MIA)
100% Alpaca, appx 49 yards, 50 gram ball
Gauge: 10 rows to 2", 7 sts to 2", needle size 10
**Maggi’s Cotton (color 08)
2 Full Sks (one ball bands MIA, the other is still on the sk)
70% cotton, 30% viscose
appx 77 yds, 50 grams
**Maggi’s Rag (color 11)
44% cotton, 44% acrylic, 12% polymide
appx 68 yards, 50g ball
gauge: 9 rows 2", 6sts 2", needle size 10

THANKS for looking - PM me with any questions.

Hi all - this really is great yarn, i just need to make some space for more great yarn! Make me an offer!