Desperatly Seeking - Mitered Square Shawl Solution

My current project is a lovely shawl called the “Mitered Square Shawl” that can be found here: [Due to posting restrictions —> See next post for pattern and images]

The top portion of the shawl is in a pieced mitered square form. Each of the squares are to be 3.5 x 3.5 inches square. The first 6 rows of each square are to be in a garter stitch with a beginning CO of 39 stitches, with a center decrease of 2 stitches using the “slip 2 KW, K1, PSSO”. This works great for the ‘garter’ portion. However, the directions call for a stocking stitch pattern, beginning with a purl row on row 7 and continue to the end of the square.

The problem is, the directions continue to call out the same decrease stitch as used in the garter portion. This does not work for stocking stitch. You end up with a ‘kite’ shape and not a square. I know that I can when working stocking stitch, use a SSK x2, K2tog then on next RS row use a K2togx2, then an SSK. So what is the problem? Look at the picture of this shawl. It does not show any hint of a SSK, K2tog decrease, but plainly shows the continuation of the decrease (“slip 2 KW, K1, PSSO”) used for the garter section. The (“slip 2 KW, K1, PSSO”) leaves a very noticeable “knot” on the RS of the work. How did the creators of this shawl do this?

This is about to drive me mad. Four days I have tried to figure this out to naught. I must be missing something very simple. :whoosh:

"Mitered Square Shawl"

It’s a centered double decrease (CDD) and it should work. Stockinng stitches are longer and narrower than garter which are kind of square so I can see how this would happen. I think it’s something that would be corrected with blocking. Can you post a picture of one of your squares?

No one mentions it not working here and all the projects seem to be blocked.

That’s it exactly. The greater the difference between you knit and purl rows, the more kite-shaped your square will be. I agree with Jan, blocking will help with this.
If you prefer to do k2tog and ssk on the RS rows with a center stitch, that should work. You only need to decrease 2sts per RS row however.